Achieving Closed-Loop Additive Manufacturing Quality Control with Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

By Sven Cornelissen, Darren Beckett, and Jacob Brunsberg

Many organizations require more localized and customizable production. Additive manufacturing (AM) is a great option to achieve these goals. However, post-build quality inspections can be expensive and often result in production delays. In this on-demand webinar, we share solutions that help facilitate part qualification while demonstrating the ability to control the process in real time to improve robustness and repeatability.


Materialise Control Platform


What you will learn about:

About our speakers

Sven Cornelissen

Sven Cornelissen
Sr. Research Engineer, Materialise

Darren Beckett

Darren Beckett
Chief Technology Officer, Sigma Labs

Jacob Brunsberg

Jacob Brunsberg
Jacob Brunsberg, President and COO, Sigma Labs

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