Treatment of Patients with Severe Acetabular Defects: Literature Study and Clinical Outcomes

Hip (re-)revisions with acetabular bone defects pose a challenge to create a sustainable solution for the patient. Many publications describe the clinical outcomes of patients revised with standard and personalized implants. However, little is known about specific results in patients with severe acetabular bone defects, classified as Paprosky type IIIA-B or AAOS type III-IV.



Based on a systematic literature search, this whitepaper aims to evaluate the results of standard and personalized implants in patients with severe acetabular defects.

More specifically, the results show that:   

  • Patients with severe disease are limited represented in standard solutions studies.  
  • Despite severe defects, patients achieve good clinical outcomes with personalized solutions.  
  • Safety and adverse events are limited in patients with severe disease who are treated with personalized solutions.  

Learn more about our findings downloading the whitepaper.   



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