Do you segment 4D CT images manually?

Discover how automation enables you to increase accuracy and efficiency.

The accurate segmentation of heart chambers is crucial to characterize cardiac defects, obtain detailed anatomical information, plan therapeutic procedures, and design or validate medical devices. Manual segmentation of 4D CT images is, however, a time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone task due to poorly visualized valves and the often weak image contrast with neighboring tissues. Automation is therefore highly desirable.

This whitepaper will give you key insights in —

  • How to achieve high-quality semi-automatic segmentations of the left heart chamber and its corresponding vessels
  • How to reduce the time required for a full cardiac segmentation by factor 4 (compared to the separate application of the CT Heart Tool in each phase)
  • How to automatically propagate the segmentation process to other phases of the cardiac cycle
  • How the increase efficiency while significantly reducing the need for manual editing
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An introduction to the 4D CT Heart Tool

The semi-automated 4D CT Heart Tool enables cardiac experts to increase the efficiency of 4D CT-based heart segmentations by automatically calculating the masks and propagating the segmentation process to other phases of the cardiac cycle.

How does the 4D CT Heart Tool work?

  1. Segment the aorta, left atrium, and left ventricle with the CT Heart tool.
  2. Open the 4D CT Heart Tool and select the masks Threshold, Aorta, Left Atrium, and Left Ventricle.
  3. Wait for the 4D CT Heart Tool to calculate the masks for each phase.
  4. Perform a quality check of the output masks.

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