Finding the Perfect Fit: An Anatomical Population Study into the Trochlear Groove Orientation and Modern Femoral Implant Designs through Scripting

Proper shape of the femoral component in total knee arthroplasty (TKA), corresponding with the native morphology of the patient is critical to the success of the operation. Despite overall good clinical outcome of the current TKA systems, patellofemoral complication remains a clinical issue that leads to low patient satisfaction, anterior knee pain and revision. In this webinar, Dr. Yifei Dai (Exactech Inc.) will present a study in which she characterized the native trochlear groove in 91 healthy subjects through Scripting in the Mimics Innovation Suite, and performed a virtual implant fit study to assess how well the modern TKA systems, representing two major trochlear compartment design philosophies, mimicked the native morphology. Through this study, she was able to show that design philosophy impacts the ability of the implant in the restoration of the native trochlear groove orientation in conjunction of minimizing component overhang. The target audience for this webinar is those interested in morphological analysis, implant design, and virtual population studies in general.

Presented by Dr. Yifei Dai, Senior Research Scientist/Engineer at Exactech Inc.

Yifei Dai

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