Automatically Fitting Devices and Performing Measurements of Post-Operative Facial Reconstruction through Scripting

If you are interested in fitting and sizing devices onto the anatomy and in comparing the planning and post-operative outcome of facial reconstructive surgery, then you don’t want to miss this presentation. Dr Peter Metherall will present:

  • How to fit a bone conduction hearing implant system to the mastoid. In this type of surgery, the location of the device is critical. The developed scripted workflow allowed to investigate many possible locations for placement, and to thereby determine if the transducer will fit within the mastoid.
  • How to evaluate post traumatic eye correction surgery. The post-operative correction was compared to the planned position using the registered skull as a fixed reference.


Presented by Dr. Peter Metherall, Clinical Scientist and Chartered Engineer at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

Peter Mettheral

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