Reducing risks and R&D costs in orthopedics through population-based virtual and physical bone models

by Damon Mogridge (Smith & Nephew) & Sawbones

Reducing risks and R&D costs in orthopedics through population based virtual and physical bone models

We are pleased to announce our global partnership between Materialise and Sawbones! Materialise’s Anatomical Data Mining Services (ADaM) allow you to easily process medical image data to better understand and quantify anatomical shape variation when designing implants for a specific population. These 3D reconstructions can then be used by medical workshop model manufacturer Sawbones to create composite testing and workshop bones that match your desired patient demographics.

Guest speaker Damon Mogridge (Marketing Manager, Emerging Markets) will present on how Smith and Nephew have developed and validated a new knee product with the combined input of a CT medical database and the new evidence-based Sawbones workshop models. Join us for this exciting webinar introducing the new partnership between Materialise and Sawbones, and learn how to:

  • Analyze variation in populations using medical imaging
  • Optimize implant sizing and design a better fit
  • Validate proposed implant designs against an anatomical database Reduce the number of design iterations and costly cadaver labs

This content is intended for Health Care Professionals only.

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