Patient-Specific Implant for Post-Traumatic Acetabular Defect Reconstruction

by Dr. med. Simon Weidert
Trauma and Reconstructive Surgeon at the University Hospital, Munich

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Dr. med. Simon Weidert, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery from the University Hospital of Munich, Germany, explains how he found a suitable solution for this patient by using a custom 3D-printed hip implant in a complex case where a standard implant could no longer provide an adequate solution.

He got in touch with Materialise looking for a suitable treatment for one of his patients in 2016. He presents this first patient case, about a 33-year-old male suffering the consequences of a motorcycle accident. Dr. Weidert shares his experience with the Materialise aMace solution, starting from an introduction to the case and explaining the acetabular pathology, to his development of treatment strategy as well as the intraoperative workflow and results.

What you’ll learn in this webinar

  • How a 3D pre-operative analysis helps to understand a particular defect and how it can shift the surgical strategy
  • The practicalities on working with engineers to determine the best individualized implant design as well as a screw length and positioning plan
  • What a 3D-printed model of the defect and the screw guide looks like and how it can help prepare for surgery
  • How Dr. Weidert positioned the implant during surgery, guiding you through the steps with surgical images
  • How a pre-operative custom screw plan helped speed up surgery
  • The key messages, knowledge and advice of Dr. Weidert for every orthopedic surgeon

Dr. med. Simon Weidert is working as a consultant for the Trauma Orthopedics Department at the Klinik für Allgemeine, Unfall-und Wiederherstellungschirurgie der LMU München in München, Germany.

He is head of the research group ‘Computer Aided Surgery and Simulation’ (CASS), which collaborates with TU Munich's Chair for Computer-Aided Surgery and Augmented Reality to develop and evaluate technology that will improve the quality of future surgical treatments.

He is the co-founder of Mecuris GmbH, a company that creates 3D-printed orthotics and prosthetics that are custom-made and have a unique and individual look. Mr. Weidert also co-founded M3i GmbH, a company that provides a platform for the European and German MedTech industry that helps make the development of new products more efficient.

Within his field of interest, he has a particular interest in 3D printing applications; for instance in his center, the use of 3D models for the use of pelvic fractures has already become the standard. 

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