The initial Belgian experience
with aMace

by Irisa Myncke


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In this session, you'll learn:

  • The results and main conclusion of the study of 25 patients treated with the aMace solution with mean follow-up time of 25 months
  • Why in 18 out of 22 cases the surgeon was convinced that the aMace implant had an added value compared to other more conventional techniques
  • How UZ Brussels approached the reimbursement procedure
  • How the functional outcome improved in terms of Oxford Hip Score and Womac Score - What kind of complications were reported and how they were treated
  • Why they would recommend to use cemented dual mobility cups
  • If, in the follow-up time of 2 years, there were any re-revisions needed


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Irisa Myncke

Irisa Myncke is an orthopedic assistant at UZ Brussel, Belgium. She collaborated on a study with Prof. Scheerlinck.

Myncke I, van Schaik D, Scheerlinck T. Custom-made triflanged acetabular components in the treatment of major acetabular defects. Short-term results and clinical experience. Acta Orthop Belg 2017;83:341-350.  http://www.actaorthopaedica.be/

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