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Dr. Abdel Hakim Moustafa, Michael Forbes and Winthe Vandoren

~20% of LAAO cases can become challenging during delivery due to complex anatomies. 3D-CT planning has proven 100% procedural success (compared to 92% with 2D-TEE) and a 25% reduction in procedural time (versus 2D-TEE)*. Pre-procedural 3D-CT planning can help reduce during challenging procedures by improving the accuracy, efficacy and safety of LAAO.**

Are you planning left atrial appendage occlusions (LAAO)?
In this webinar our technical experts demonstrate an LAAO case planning using Mimics Enlight’s new 3D-CT planning.


Screenshot of the webinar Explore the Mimics Enlight LAAO planner


In this recording, you will learn how to:

  • improve accuracy, efficacy and safety using 3D-CT planning

  • implement 3D-CT planning in your clinical practice

  • leverage online case sharing and 3D printing

*Eng MH, Wang DD, Greenbaum AB, et al. Prospective, Randomized Comparison of 3D CT Guidance versus TEE Data for LAAO. CCI, 2018

**Korsholm K, Berti S, Iriart X, et al. Expert Recommendations on CT for LAAO. JACC Cardiovasc. Interv., 2020

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