Discover What’s New in MIS 24 — with Q&A 


By Sebastian De Boodt

Innovation doesn’t stand still; it keeps pushing boundaries in an ever-changing world. That’s why the Mimics Innovation Suite evolves alongside you so you can unlock challenges and find innovative, sustainable solutions to advance patient care.


Watch this webinar recording where Materialise experts walk through the main features and enhancements in Mimics Innovation Suite 24, including:

  • assignment of realistic colors to your 3D-printed or VR models so you can easily highlight specific anatomical structures and defects

  • easier and faster segmentation thanks to the new, ready-to-use ‘Segment Thin Bones’ plugin, and simplified validation of segmentations with the ‘Compare Masks’ plugin

  • advanced design tools that let you easily split anatomical models into parts and integrate connection mechanisms to create connectable models

  • usability improvements that will help you customize and streamline your workflows, letting you make the best possible use of your time


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your questions answered directly by our own Materialise experts during this live webinar.



About the speakers

Dr. Lucas E. Ritacco

Sebastian De Boodt

Materialise medical device software may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory and/ or medical practices in individual markets. In countries where no regulatory registration is obtained of Mimics and/or 3-matic Medical, a research version is available. Please contact your Materialise representative if you have questions about the availability of Materialise medical device software in your area.


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