3D Planning for Forearm Malunions:
When and How to Use Personalized Guides

By Dr. Frederik Verstreken
Orthopaedic Surgeon, AZ Monica, Antwerp, Belgium



The focus of this webinar is 3D planning for forearm malunions, which is frequently comprised of complex deformities, often not perfectly visible on 2D images from X-rays.

3D technology can assist surgeons at different stages in the treatment of complex limb problems.

Dr. Verstreken discusses how 3D technology can improve pre-surgical assessment and how personalized guides can help increase the accuracy of the osteotomy.

About the speaker

Dr. Verstreken


Dr. Verstreken is an orthopaedic surgeon, specialized in wrist and hand pathology at the AZ Monica Hospital in Antwerp, Belgium. Dr. Verstreken has performed over 200 corrective osteotomies using 3D-assisted technology.

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