The Next Generation of Automotive Tooling

The automotive industry is in a race for the highest quality requirements combined with the shortest time-to-market. And we’re here to help you win that race. Our modular solutions for inspection fixtures, production jigs and design aids offer you fully customized support based on a highly standardized workflow.

RapidFit is a dedicated tooling manufacturer, backed by decades of 3D printing experience and a complete Certified Additive Manufacturing facility at Materialise. We bring you the best of automotive inspection and production tooling, enriched by the best of 3D Printing.

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Specialized Solutions for Streamlined Processes

  • Modular solutions mean easy modifications and quick turn-around for new iterations

  • Highly adaptable and partially re-usable systems, leading to long-term savings

  • Additive Manufacturing solutions in-house, allowing limitless freedom of design

  • Integrated functionality such as clips and snap-fits to save assembly time

  • Ergonomic designs and lightweight fixtures for efficiency in production