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Title Presenter Resource
Operationalizing 3D printing at point-of-care Sarah Flora, the Program Director of Radiology’s 3D Lab at Geisinger Medical Center Watch recording
Application of modeling and simulation in cardiovascular engineering Simon Sonntag (enmodes GmbH) Watch recording
Beyond complex anatomy: merging geometry, function and flow Piers Barker (Duke University School of Medicine) Watch recording
3D Printing to aid complex congenital heart surgery in a developing country environment K. Mahesh (Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Kochi) Watch recording
How to perform patient specific EVAR intervention simulation Benjamin Speich (Mentice) Watch recording
How to segment a heart automatically in just a few minutes Materialise Watch recording
How to start implementing 3D Printing in your hospital Materialise Watch recording
Incorporating 3D Printing in the management of complex congenital heart defects Colin McMahon (Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital) Watch recording
Increasing confidence in congenital heart defect intervention Ryan Moore (Cincinatti Children's Hospital) Watch recording
Next generation imaging in the cath lab for congenital heart disease – 3D guidance Martin Glöckler (University Hospital Erlangen) Watch recording
Patient-based cardiovascular device simulations: From bench to bed Matthieu De Beule (FEops) Watch recording
Personalizing pediatric care using 3D Printing Sanjay Prabhu (Boston Children’s Hospital) Watch recording
Structural heart intervention case planning: the mitral valve Nicolo Piazza (McGill University Health Centre) Watch recording
Transforming medical research with 3D Printing Phoenix Children's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center & Arizona State University Watch recording
Using 4D CT to understand anatomy-device interaction across the cardiac cycle Julianne Spencer (Medtronic) Watch recording
The Value of 3D Printing for Product & Clinical Development: 4C Medical’s Perspective Saravana Kumar, Vice President of R&D and Operations at 4C Medical Technologies Watch recording


Title Presenter Resource
Automatically fitting devices and performing measurements of post-operative facial reconstruction through scripting Peter Metherall (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust) Watch recording
How 3D Printing is transforming patient care in hospitals Frank Rybicki, MD (Brigham and Women's Hospital) Watch recording
How to start implementing 3D Printing in your hospital Materialise Watch recording
Personalizing pediatric care using 3D Printing Sanjay Prabhu (Boston Children’s Hospital) Watch recording
Revolutionizing cranio-maxillofacial surgeries with 3D planning and custom implant design Lauri Wauters (European Face Centre, UZ Brussels) Watch recording
The personalized digital human: personalizing computational models to prevent and treat neuromuculoskeletal conditions David Lloyd (School of Allied Health Sciences, Menzies Health Institute Queensland at Griffith  Watch recording


Title Presenter Resource
How to start implementing 3D Printing in your hospital Materialise Watch recording
Introduction to medical 3D printers: Building a new lab/service line Edward Quigley (University of Utah) Watch recording
Medical 3D Printing: The radiologist perspective Adnan Sheikh (Ottawa Hospital) Watch recording
The next frontier of 3D Printing for procedure planning, simulation and physician training: interventional radiology image-guided therapies Dimitrios Mitsouras (Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Harvard Medical School) Watch recording
The role of 3D Printing and ‘on-screen’ surgery in the repair of a series of complex encephaloceles Sanjay P. Prabhu (Boston Children’s Hospital) Watch recording


Title Presenter Resource
The Critical Role of 3D Printing in Hip Treatment: How Skeletal Stem Cells Can Augment the Outcome.  Prof. Douglas Dunlop Watch recording
Solutions for complex hip surgery: How to get started Prof. Dr. med. Burkhard W. Wippermann Watch recording
3D and musculoskeletal trauma Stefaan Nijs (University Hospital Leuven) Watch recording
Accurate evaluation of implant placement Jos Vander Sloten (KU Leuven) Watch recording
Complex glenoids in my practice Carl Ekholm (Sahlgrenska University Hospital) Watch recording
Corrective osteotomies for malunion of the wrist and forearm, using 3D computer planning and patient-specific instruments Frederik Verstreken (AZ Monica) Watch recording
Data on the move: Advancing FEA design through patient-based motion analysis Emmanuel Audenaert (UZ Gent), Pavel E. Galibarov (AnyBody Technology) and Thierry Marchal (ANSYS, Inc.) Watch recording
Finding the perfect fit: an anatomical population study into the trochlear groove orientation and modern femoral implant designs through scripting Yifei Dai (Exactech Inc.) Watch recording
How 3D pre-op planning and printing can help with the difficult glenoid Inigo Guisasola (The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals) Watch recording
How to maintain accurate bone geometries in your FEA meshes William Parr (University of New South Wales) Watch recording
How to start implementing 3D Printing in your hospital Materialise Watch recording
Improving orthopedic implant design for the extremities with CT image data Joseph Thompson (DJO Surgical) Watch recording
Increase clinical relevance by including X-ray data in your engineering workflow Jeff E. Bischoff (Zimmer) & Joseph Lipman (Hospital for Special Surgery) Watch recording
Patient-specific implant for post-traumatic acetabular defect reconstruction Simon Weidert (University Hospital Munich) Watch recording
Personalizing pediatric care using 3D Printing Sanjay Prabhu (Boston Children’s Hospital) Watch recording
Planning tibial & femoral osteotomies in 2D and 3D Materialise Watch recording
Pre-operative planning with digital X-rays is the future – now! Ross Barker (Noble’s Hospital) Watch recording
Reducing risks and R&D costs in orthopedics through population based virtual and physical bone models Damon Mogridge (Smith & Nephew) &  Sawbones Watch recording
Solutions for complex hip (revision) cases Materialise Watch recording
The future in shoulder replacement surgery: the integration of 3D planning and guides in the clinical workflow Jonathan C. Levy (Holy Cross Medical Group) Watch recording
The use of 3D models for complex acetabular and femoral reconstructions Brian Haus (Shriners Hospital for Children) Watch recording
The use of 3D planning, patient-specific guides and custom plates for corrective osteotomies in pediatric cases Ola Wiig (Oslo University Hospital) Watch recording
How virtual patients can accelerate implant development, exemplified by the DJO Exprt® revision hip Adam Shallenberg, P.E. Watch recording


Title Presenter Resource
Advanced veterinary orthopaedic applications with the Mimics Innovation Suite Denis Marcellin-Little (North Carolina State University) Watch recording
Better outcome parameters through Functional Respiratory Imaging Jan De Backer (FLUIDDA) Watch recording
Human body modeling for injury prediction and prevention: from image to FEA Scott Gayzik Watch recording

Other Languages

Title Presenter Resource
Spanish: Seminario web sobre impresión 3D aplicada a la medicina en España. Dr. Ferran Fillat Gomà, Dra. Beatriz Domínguez González (organizadora) Register
Spanish: Experiencia de planeación quirúrgica y entrenamiento médico usando herramientas virtuales e impresión 3D en la Fundación Clínica Shaio, Colombia. Dra. Martha Lucía Velasco Watch recording
French: Expérience en chirurgie orthognathique guidée : indications, limites et organisation au quotidien Charles Savoldelli (CHU de Nice) Watch recording
French: Le Problème du Positionnement Condylien en Chirurgie Orthognathique Mandibulaire Hervé Bénateau (CHU de Caen) Watch recording
French: Expérience en Chirurgie Orthognathique Guidée: Indications, Limites et Organisation au Quotidien Thomas Schouman (Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière) Watch recording
French: L’Ostéotomie Oblique des Branches Mandibulaires Guidée: Un Protocole Systématique Dr Borgnat & Dr Murcier (Hôpital de Villefranche-sur-Saône) Watch recording
German: Möglichkeiten von 3D-Modellen zur Eingriffsplanung und -steuerung in der Kinderkardiologie Martin Glöckler (University Hospital Erlangen) Watch recording
Spanish: Tecnología 3D en la evaluación de tratamientos y estudios clínicos Orlando Jose Pelliccioni Monrroy (Universidad Simón Bolivar) & Teresita Pannaci P. (Operación Sonrisa de Venezuela) Watch recording
Japanese: 人工股関節置換手術後の大腿骨有限要素モデルの構築と骨モデリングの解析 プラムディタ・ジョナス・アディティヤ先生(新潟大学工学部機械システム工学科) Watch recording
Japanese: 先天性心疾患治療における3Dプリントモデルの有用性 ミシガン小児病院 小児循環器専門医 小林大介先生 Watch recording
Japanese: ProPlanCMFによる顎変形症例の3Dシミュレーション Hiroaki Ozaki, Materialise Japan Account Manager
Yuki Chiba, Materialise Japan Application Engineer
Watch recording