Solutions for Medical Device Developers

Medical Image‑Based Population‑Driven Design

Patients come in all shapes and sizes. So to ensure that a medical device will perform safely and effectively across the population, you need in-depth anatomical knowledge, multiple design iterations and extensive testing. By providing medical image-based population analysis software and services, Materialise helps 3D printing and medical device developers to design and virtually test new devices on thousands of virtual patients and to create representative physical test models. This leads to a reduction in design iterations and cadaveric and patient testing, and is a powerful source of data to support your marketing claims.

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Image-Based Population-Driven Design enables you to:

  • Improve implant fit, through deeper anatomical understanding
  • Optimize sizing for maximum population coverage
  • Reduce costs of testing on cadavers and patients
  • Lower design iterations that reduce time to market
  • Strengthen marketing messages through white papers

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