Enabling Personalized Care for Everyone

What works for one patient often doesn't work for another. Even when there are identical conditions and required surgical procedures, each patient remains unique because of their specific anatomies.

At Materialise, we believe that personalization is the key to achieve more predictable patient care.

Our offer

Materialise is a 3D technology company providing personalized healthcare solutions since 1992. Today, our portfolio includes software that forms the foundation of Medical 3D Printing and 3D surgical planning in clinical and research environments worldwide. Materialise is also a leader in providing personalized surgical guides and titanium implants made to match each patient’s anatomy in the cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) and orthopaedics segments.

Personalized Implants

For patients interested in knowing more about a personalized implant from Materialise, download an English version of the patient information leaflet for the Materialise CMF, Glenius, aMace, and aMace Onco implants below.

Notice that language and manufacturing information on both the patient information flyers and cards may change according to the region where the implant was purchased.

In order to protect the privacy of patient data and respect the surgeon-patient relationship, please contact your surgeon to request a copy of a specific language for the patient information leaflet.


Glenius Shoulder Implant

Personalized shoulder implant solution for patients with severe bone defects at the glenoid that require reconstruction of the shoulder joint.

file_downloadDownload patient information leaflet

aMace Onco Implant

Personalized hip implant for use in surgery of oncology patients.

file_downloadDownload patient information leaflet

aMace Hip Implant

Personalized hip implant for use in primary or revision surgery of patients presenting severe acetabular defects.

file_downloadDownload patient information leaflet

What your Patient Implant Card looks like

Your surgeon will provide you an "International Implant Card," which includes the identifiable details of your particular implanted device. He or she will complete it with information specific to your surgery. Please contact your surgeon if you lose your card.

 back patient implant card aMace
front patient implant card aMace

*These patient cards are representative, and information may differ according to the kind of implant and country in which the implant was purchased.  

Patient stories

Read our patient stories to learn how we are helping enhance surgical approaches and improve patient outcomes by enabling a personalized approach:

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