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As a web or a desktop application, OrthoView is easily accessible from anywhere in the hospital network.

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Seamless access

Throughout the hospital network, Materialise OrthoView can be run as a desktop or web application and can be quickly and easily launched with any PACS to fit a surgeon’s daily work. In fact, 86% of OrthoView customers report good or higher satisfaction with the fit into the clinical routine.


Hassle-free & secure deployment

Hospital IT management can deploy Materialise OrthoView as a web application in the hospital requiring zero footprint on the desktop computers and without hardware or software (i.e. Java, Citrix) dependencies.

Patient data never leaves the hospital network as Materialise OrthoView is hosted by the hospital IT department, neither in the cloud by Materialise nor by any third party.

For more information about our licensing and installation options, please contact us to discuss the most suitable options based on your institution’s needs.

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Our online OrthoView trial allows you to discover smart planning with +220,000 templates in OrthoView in your web browser. No installation is needed. Simply create an account to get started. 

To test integration in your hospital, you can also request a 30-day trial license and download an OrthoView installer. We’ll assist with the installation. 

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