Full PACS integration

Materialise has partnerships with all of the major PACS providers to seamlessly plan your procedures.

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Fitting the clinical workflow

Materialise OrthoView is known for its deep integration with PACS, which allows surgeons and hospital personnel to save time when accessing X-ray images. Plans can easily be saved back into PACS, ensuring that evidence of the pre-operative planning is there when needed for medical-legal purposes.

In fact, 86% of OrthoView customers report good or higher satisfaction with the fit into the clinical routine.

Your PACS integration

OrthoView is able to read and write DICOM Part 10 media files. Read more about OrthoView’s DICOM conformance.

Contact us if you like to know more about integration within your hospital. If you are working with another digital radiology or PACS systems, we’ll work with you to create a custom solution.

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Materialise OrthoView has partnerships with all of the major PACS providers. There is a compatible version of Materialise OrthoView for every PACS that uses DICOM images,  and many of the larger PACS companies also offer an integrated solution.

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