AI Assistant Plug-in

Research work is often hindered by the tedious process of creating training data sets with no guarantee that the results will be end-user accessible. With the help of the AI Assistant, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and create an AI model with a bigger impact.


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AI Data Management 

Data such as masks and labels should remain consistent in your data set while you are preparing to develop an AI algorithm. With this plug-in, you can increase your efficiency with easy and robust preprocessing.  

AI Data Evaluation

Assessment of the trained AI model is one of the crucial steps of AI training. This plugin aids the comparison of multiple masks in various projects through most common metrics.    

User Benefit

Use the AI Assistant Plug-in to cut down on your tedious, administrative work.

  • Reduce overheads and increase efficiency
    Data management and pre-processing tools provide an easy overview of projects and label consistency
  • Utilize your AI model in Mimics
    Streamline the integration of your AI segmentation models into Mimics
  • Post-processing and evaluation
    Assure the required surface accuracy in your applications


Inference in Mimics

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Data Evaluation

Data Evaluation play_circle_outline

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Data Management

Data Management play_circle_outline

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System Requirements

These plug-ins are part of a scripting module and only work with Mimics Research 24.