Instructions for Use

Thank you for visiting Materialise’s website for Electronic Instructions For Use (eIFU).  This website intends to make eIFUs accessible to users of our medical device software in the European Union. Please choose the eIFU that corresponds to your software version.

Please use the button to contact us if:

  • If you would like to request a paper copy of the IFU at no additional cost; or
  • If you would like an IFU (electronic or paper) for a software version that is not listed.

ACO Planner

1.0 2015 English English

DICOM Conformance Statement
User Guide

7.1 2018 English English
2018 English

Mimics inPrint

3.0 2017 Multilanguages Multilanguages
English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, German, Italian
2.0 2016
1.0 2016 English English

ProPlan CMF

3.0.1 2017
3.0 2017
2.1 2015

ProPlan CMF Connect

1.4 2014

Signature Planner

8.7 2016 English, Dutch, French, German English, Dutch, French, German

SurgiCase CMF

5.0 2009

SurgiCase Planner

3.0 2016 English English
2.4 2017 English English
2.3 2016 English English
2.2 2016

SurgiCase Knee Planner

3.3 2018 Multilanguages Multilanguages
English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish,Turkish

SurgiCase Viewer

2.3 2017 English English
2.2 2017 English English


Zimmer PSIP

6.5.1 2016 English, Dutch, French, German English, Dutch, French, German

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