Struggling with production costs and lead times of metal parts?

Lighten up with 3D-printed metal

3D Printing can help your production gain speed and agility like never before. A successful Metal 3D Printing project always starts with the right application, but identifying it can be challenging.

This practical guide focuses on eight typical applications where significant improvements in terms of weight, performance, functionality and/or aesthetics can be achieved.

Free Resource: Application Guide for Metal 3D Printing

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Choose Metal 3D Printing when you need to...


Save time…

Skip tool-making and milling, go
straight from design to production

…and money too

Metal is expensive, don’t pay to scrap
material with milling and machining

Keep it light

Latticed interiors can reduce part
weight dramatically

Customize, don’t compromise

Without molds and machining, you’re
free to design what you really want

Need some help getting started?

In Metal 3D Printing, more so than in conventional technologies, design plays a crucial role. By designing for 3D Printing from the beginning, you can bring down costs, eliminate assembly time, improve functionality, or simply develop a better product.

Talk to us about what you have in mind, and our Design & Engineering team will work with you to make it happen.

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Metal strength, 3D printing freedom


Titanium (TiAl6V4)

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Very low specific weight
  • Corrosion-resistant, suitable for demanding engineering environments

Aluminum (AlSi10Mg)

  • Good strength and thermal properties
  • Low weight
  • Flexible post-processing possibilities

Stainless Steel (316L or 1.4404)

  • Low-carbon alloy
  • Highly corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent strength

Testimonials from our partners

Danny van der Jonckheyd
Philips Lighting

“With a reinvented bracket and an automated production line, Metal 3D Printing is helping us save around €89,000 a year. I think it has now become a natural component of our manufacturing toolkit.”

Michiel Holthinrichs
Holthinrichs Watches

“I couldn’t work with conventional manufacturing: the designs were too complex. Metal 3D Printing allows me to create shapes that would be impossible otherwise, and lets me add customization to my product.”

Ready to discover your path to a successful Metal 3D Printing project?

The key to successful Metal 3D Printing is identifying the right applications. Do that and watch your metal production become faster, leaner and more innovation-receptive.