Custom 3D-Printed Orthotics

Step into the practice of the future

Imagine a world with pain-free motion and optimal performance for everyone. Thanks to the latest digital gait capture technology, advanced analysis software, and innovative 3D printing, you can have a more accurate, efficient, and fully customizable workflow. Materialise Phits Suite is a new standard of personalized care that helps you improve your patients' mobility.

Following decades of experience in gait analysis and 3D technology, we are setting the path for the next generation of orthotics.

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From scans to insoles

Step up your game. Materialise Phits Suite is a digital toolbox for an accurate and efficient end-to-end workflow. Regardless of your practitioner profile, this advanced solution is an excellent assistant that supports you in providing advice, care, and treatment for your patients.















Why choose Materialise Phits Suite?


  • Highly scalable
  • True customization
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Evidence based & backed by research


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Powered by footscan technology

In function of your field of interest, we have a solution to meet your needs

With over 25 years of plantar pressure measurement technology experience and innovation in gait assessment, we are industry-frontrunners with more than 5,000 footscan users worldwide.

The combination of patented dynamic gait measuring systems and analysis software offers a wide range of functionalities applicable to both clinical and research purposes.

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Meet the most advanced 3D scanners in the market

Meet the most advanced 3D scanners in the market

Depending on your requirements, we have different solutions for 3D scanning. Generate an in-depth 3D scan of your patient’s foot up to the ankle with our high-end Tiger or iQube scanners. For a complete dynamic gait analysis, combine it with footscan pressure plates.

To provide more freedom and flexibility into your existing process, we've enabled the import of 3D scans from any scanner into our software.

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Inspired by science, designed by engineers

Inspired by science, designed by engineers

Revolutionize your analysis and reach a new level of accuracy with footscan.

Reliable motion analysis is essential in biomechanical laboratories and medical research. Through collaboration with renowned universities worldwide, our R&D team continuously develops solutions based on 3D technology. To understand biomechanics better, we actively participated (and keep doing so) in over 3,000 Ph.D. studies, research papers, scientific articles, and books. The insights we get from internal and external research enable us to create innovative tools applicable in different fields, from applied biomechanics to computational science.

Introducing Materialise Footscan Suite, a robust and clinically accepted hardware for dynamic gait analysis, 3D scanning, and software built to support biomedical research teams with personalized engineering and simulation.

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“We used to allocate 45 minutes for the assessment. Now we schedule 30 minutes, but the entire process can be done in 15 to 20 minutes. It's terrific how my workflow is so much faster and more efficient.”

Dr. Jenny Sanders

— Dr. Jenny Sanders,

DPM and Founder Financial District Foot and Ankle Center,

Go 4-D ambassador with over 20 years of clinical and biomechanical experience

Runners Lab Footscan

Create an exceptional retail experience

Integrate the footscan product portfolio into your retail outlet

Businesses that practice a personal approach and have a first-rate customer experience are the ones that stand out. Footscan enables you to capture your customers’ foot data easily and recommend functional shoes for them in a matter of minutes. Enhance your customer satisfaction and gain other business advantages, like reduced return rates and compliant customer data collection for marketing purposes.

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The future is now. Are you in?

We support healthcare professionals by offering an end-to-end solution that combines advanced digital motion capture technology, analysis software, and 3D printed orthotics.

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