Materialise Kinetic Suite*

Make Your Practice More Dynamic

Track and develop treatments with data-driven insights by using dynamic gait and balance measurements.

Whatever the required treatment, Materialise Kinetic Suite helps physical therapists and chiropractors perform objective clinical assessments, track patients’ progress, and create truly custom 3D-printed orthotics based on AI-generated corrections.

*Only available in North America, coming to Europe soon

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Why Kinetic Suite?

checkObjective assessments in less time
Take out the guess work with by geting data-driven insights in half the time compared to using visual methods

checkGo digital 
Have patient records at your fingertips in our secure software and easily place orders for truly custom 3D-printed orthotics

checkEnhanced patient satisfaction
Offer clear visualization and reporting to guide your patient throughout their therapy, tracking their progress in hard numbers and enhancing their understanding and adoption of the proposed treatment

checkBacked by science 
Trust in the research-backed algorithms that are continuously updated and improved based on research and collaboration with leading universities

Meet every need with one advanced toolkit

Pressure plates

Accurate real-time data with dynamic gait and balance measurements


Analysis with data-driven visualization and reporting to determine the most appropriate therapy


Custom 3D-printed orthotics to improve movement patterns

What can you do with Kinetic Suite?


Gather pressure data to go beyond visual or volumetric assessments alone

With our footscan pressure plates, you can see how your patients move, assess their balance objectively, and tailor the therapy to match their exact needs.



Use automatically generated reports to show patient movement and progression

The power of objective clinical assessments is at your fingertips with easy-to-understand visualizations and graphs. With these data-driven tools, you can analyze your patient´s gait and balance to identify potential impairments or fall risk and evaluate progress over time.


Get insights

Get in-depth insights for an accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and custom orthotics

No matter your specialty, this advanced solution is an excellent assistant. It supports you in providing advice, care, and treatment for your patients, from assessing balance exercises with data to ordering custom orthotics.

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Order lightweight-yet-strong orthotics if your patient needs extra support

Science-backed algorithms generate a design to give your patients support where they need it most. Choose designs that suit your patient’s lifestyle, including workwear, sports, and narrow, comfort, or wide for everyday use.


“The Materialise Kinetic Suite is user-friendly, and its genius lies in its simplicity. I used to make adjustments based on the neutral position of a patient’s foot and by watching their gait. Now I can have the computer take a look at the foot algorithmically and come up with a solution based on the pressure points the patient has complained about. It’s been eye-opening. I’m such a hands-on guy, but with the Kinetic Suite, I can just sit back, trust the system, and get very good results.”


Toon Roels

— Dr. Munger

Going digital with the Materialise Kinetic Suite has been easy since it's so user-friendly. I used to have to make orthotics manually, but now I can sit back, trust the system, and get very good results.







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