How 3D-printed eyewear
can elevate your brand

From achieving your aesthetic ambitions to bolstering your business benefits, 3D printing is the technology you need to raise your eyewear brand to the next level.

How 3D Printed Eyewear can elevate your brand



Manufacturing limitations cramping your style? With 3D printing, designers can produce complex, fluid shapes that would be too expensive or even impossible to produce with traditional eyewear manufacturing techniques like injection molding. Use that design freedom to produce statement frames, integrated lattices, textured surfaces, or even custom glasses with personalized details.




Want your portfolio to standout from other eyewear collections? Focus on the functionality that your customer base wants. Modular designs for interchangeable lenses or frame components, customized frames that fit the wearer perfectly, integrated smart electronics: get the design freedom of 3D printing on your side and the sky is the limit.

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The age of fast fashion is also the age of stock risk. More than 45% of eyewear frames produced around the world are never sold. That’s not just frustrating for business, it’s environmentally unsustainable too. Imagine instead a world where your brand is free to be customer-driven and responsive to market shifts because you’re manufacturing on demand with 3D printing. A time-to-market under two months for a new collection, and zero stock risk.




Take your creativity beyond frame design. Be a pioneer. With 3D printing, you can listen to your market and respond before it’s too late. Whether your customer base is driven by design trends or functional performance, your brand has worked hard to carve out its niche. Want to keep your niche unique? The only weapons you need are the business benefits and design freedom of 3D printing.