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Case Management

On track. For every case. With full visibility.

Manage your cases in one dedicated system. With our case management system, you can track your 3D printing and planning activities, from request to approval, to always be in the loop in real-time. All while resting assured that each step in the workflow is quality-compliant.

Computer screening showing Mimics Flow Case Management software with a heart model

Why use our Case Management?


Real-time visibility of your case status

Customized workflows for each application 

Interactive 3D viewer

Seamless integration with Mimics 26

Access control and user profiles

Embedded traceability, data and reports

Privacy and security

Materialise is committed to protecting your data and ensuring it is securely managed.


Discover where Case Management makes a difference

Icon of a doctor wearing a mask in front of a hospital

Point-of-care 3D printing

Having a dedicated in-house facility and support from Materialise engineers can cut days off the 3D printing process, support innovation initiatives, and result in lower overall costs incurred by the hospital.

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