Hands-Free 3D-Printed Door Openers to Help Against the Spread of Coronavirus

Door handles are among the most germ-infested objects in houses, hospitals, factories, and elderly homes. We stand behind our mission to build a better and healthier world, which is why we’re sharing free design files for all worldwide to 3D print hands-free door openers. Careful analyses by our risk prevention advisors on how viruses spread confirm that by using our covered arms instead of our bare hands, we can work together to avoid further passing on COVID-19. Let's work together to stop the spread!  

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How it works

Our team designed with easy installation in mind. Our easy-to-use openers don’t require drilling holes or replacing your door’s handle. Setting it up is simple: all you have to do is fasten two 3D-printed pieces together with screws over your existing handle.

The power of 3D printing enables our engineers to quickly create solutions for the unexpected. Within 24 hours, our team was able to create, test, and validate our first hands-free door opener because of the flexibility and freedom of design through 3D printing.

If you know how to design for 3D printing and would like to adapt our files to fit over other door handle types, we encourage you to create your own and share with the world.

Customize the design for your own door handle

Not all door handles look the same. Need to customize the hands-free door opener to work for your own doors? On this platform by Trinckle, tweak the design to match the shape, width, screw type and handle size you need. All you need is 3 minutes, no CAD knowledge necessary. The resulting customized design is free to download.

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Get yours and stop spreading germs!

Help do your part to minimize risky contact by opening doors with arms, ideally covered by sleeves. Download a design file for free to print from home or order the print through your local 3D printing factory. Our models are applicable for Multi Jet Fusion (MJF), Laser Sintering (SLS), or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technologies. Or, visit our i.materialise shop to order our models with screws included to fit handles of different sizes. Orders through i.materialise are printed using either the MJF or SLS technology.

Go to our technical information page to discover our available models, printing and mounting instructions, and informational sticker for our 3D-printed hands-free door opener to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Download free design filesOrder on i.materialise

As these door openers can get contaminated, just like the door handle they sit on, please disinfect them regularly.

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*We do not guarantee that you will not get COVID-19 if you use our design.