Hands-Free 3D-Printed Shopping Cart Handles  to Reduce Coronavirus Spread

As part of our mission to create a better and healthier world, we want to make grocery shopping experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic even safer. Experts believe that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for an extended time, meaning that frequently touched objects, such as shopping cart handles, represent a high risk of contamination.

In addition to our hands-free door opener to prevent people from touching door handles with their bare hands, our Design and Engineering team has developed an armrest that allows shoppers to push and steer the cart with their forearms, removing the need to touch the handle.

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“Our main concern in these times is the safety of customers and the handles of our shopping carts represent a potential risk. Materialise’s proposal came as a blessing. I’m very happy the hands-free shopping cart handles could be implemented so quickly and give our customers a safer shopping experience.”
- Dominique Jans, Shop Owner of Proxy Delhaize

How it’s used

During the COVID-19 pandemic, supermarkets are looking into measures to keep shoppers healthy and from further spreading the disease. We had an idea to 3D print armrests for customers to guide shopping carts with their forearms, which could reduce the risk of spread.

We began sharing our design within our community by contacting the owner of the Proxy Delhaize supermarket near our headquarters, who was very excited to introduce the design to his customers right away. After installing the hands-free shopping cart handles, shoppers started using them immediately thanks to their easy-to-use design and appreciated the added safety measures. And the owner was happy that he could quickly provide a safer alternative.

How it works

Thanks to 3D printing, designs like the hands-free shopping cart handles are manufactured locally and with a fast turnaround time. Quickly going from idea to final product, Materialise turned an idea into an innovative product that was ready for use.

As these armrests can get contaminated, please disinfect them regularly. 

* We do not guarantee that you will not spread germs including COVID-19 if you use our design.

shopping cart model

Let’s make hands-free stick around

We also designed printed in-store materials (POSM) to inform the customers about this device. These materials can be placed on the shopping cart holder, inside of the shopping cart facing the customer and on windows of your store. They show a basic illustration of how the device should be used along with the rationale that it is there to prevent people from spreading germs.

Shopping Cart Holder
Shopping Cart Holder
Shopping Cart Holder
Shopping Cart Holder
Shopping Cart Holder

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