Virtual Mimics Innovation Suite Segmentation Course

05 Nov 2020

The Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) is the most versatile tool you need to construct a 3D model from medical image data, whether your end goal is to simulate and plan surgeries, or to design personalized devices. The software also allows you to automate your workflows, potentially saving time while having more consistent results.

After the course, you will understand all of the latest enhancements, features, and benefits so you can master the tools and apply them within your own organization.

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Virtual MIS Segmentation Course - Australia

19 Nov 2020 Melbourne, Australia

Medical image data serve as a powerful information base for doctors, engineers and researchers who are looking for solutions to improve medical care. The Mimics Innovation Suite was developed with the goal to make the processing of these medical image data as easy and efficient as possible. 

In this virtual Mimics Segmentation Course you will learn about the functionalities of our Mimics Innovation Suite and gain first experiences in the segmentation of bony structures as well as soft tissue. You will also gain an insight into how you can benefit from the versatile tools.     

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