Mimics inPrint/Proplan CMF-Workshop

18 Mar 2020 - 19 Mar 2020 Berlin, Germany

Patient-specific treatment has earned its long-term value in today’s reality. Thousands of healthcare experts worldwide rely on the Materialise software and services to harness the full potential of Medical 3D Printing. At  the Mimics inPrint/Proplan CMF-Workshop, we invite you to discover their work and our experts’ insights through case studies, software demonstrations, and our partners’ presentations on software and Medical 3D Printing services. Get inspired, and join us in building the path to a better and healthier world.

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Mimics Innovation Course - Melbourne, Australia

16 Apr 2020 - 17 Apr 2020 Melbourne, Australia Read more

Mimics Innovation Course HQ April

23 Apr 2020 - 24 Apr 2020 Leuven, Belgium

Mimics Innovation Course

The Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) is the most versatile tool you need to construct a 3D model from medical image data, whether your end goal is to simulate and plan surgeries or to design patient-specific devices. The Suite also allows you to automate your workflows, potentially saving time while having more consistent results.

After the course, you will understand all of the latest enhancements, features and benefits so you can master the tools and apply them within your own organization.

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Mimics Innovation Course - Seoul, South Korea

20 May 2020 - 21 May 2020 Seoul, South Korea Read more


Mimics Innovation Course - Pune, India

05 Jun 2020 - 06 Jun 2020 Pune, India Read more


Mimics Innovation Course - Bangkok, Thailand

17 Sep 2020 - 18 Sep 2020 Bangkok, Thailand Read more


05 Oct 2020 Queensland, Australia Read more


Mimics Innovation Course - Seoul, South Korea

05 Nov 2020 - 06 Nov 2020 Seoul, South Korea Read more
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