At ISTA, discover how 3D printing is revolutionizing patient‑specific healthcare.

October 2 – 5, 2019
Hilton Toronto | Toronto, Canada

Patient-specific treatment has earned its long-term value in today’s reality. Thousands of healthcare experts worldwide rely on the Materialise software and services to harness the full potential of Medical 3D Printing. At ISTA, we invite you to discover their work and our experts’ insights through case studies, software demonstrations, and our partners’ presentations on software and Medical 3D Printing services. Get inspired, and join us in building the path to a better and healthier world.



Take a close-up look at how surgeons, medical device developers and researchers are using 3D printing, for pre-operative planning, device development and more.



Exchange ideas with peers, share insights on 3D printing adoption and gain inspiration from our partners’ presentations on recent cases using Medical 3D Printing.



Ask your 3D printing questions to our experts and engineers in a free consultation, whether you’re still looking to start, an early-stage adopter or a seasoned user of 3D printing.


Mass personalization in healthcare through 3D Printing

Pieter Slagmolen | Innovation Manager at Materialise
Thursday Oct 3, 12:15-13:15
Podium | Room: Tom Thomson

With patients researching their options, making more informed choices and demanding better care, medical device companies, researchers and clinicians are all working hard to adapt to fast-evolving new technologies that can revolutionize patient care. 

In this session we will talk about:

  • How powerful planning software will increase predictability of patient outcomes
  • how 3D printing can support this shift from volume-based care to value-based care 
  • and how both of them will drive mass personalization in healthcare.

Also interesting

Materialise presentations

Ability of a Statistical Shape Model of the Caucasian Knee to Predict the Morphology of Any Caucasian Knee

Julien Deckx; Marnic Jacobs; Ingrid Dupraz; Michael Utz
Saturday Oct 5, 8:12-8:18
Podium | Room: Tom Thomson


Measuring Tightening Torque and Force of Nonlocking Screws for Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis

Jonathan Pitocchi; Roel Wirix-Speetjens; Harry Van Lenthe; M. A. Perez
Poster presentation, Friday Oct 4, 7:48-7:54
ePoster with Short Talk | Room: Casson | Kiosk: 5

Materialise co-authored presentations

Using Statistical Shape Models to Define a Set of Femur Geometries That Well Represent the Population

Ingrid Dupraz; Arthur Bollinger; Michael Utz; Marnic Jacobs; Julien Deckx
Thursday Oct 3, 8:41 – 8:47
ePoster with Short Talk | Room: Casson | Kiosk: 5

Automatic Extraction of an Anatomical Reference System of the Patella

Ingrid Dupraz; Marnic Jacobs; Julien Deckx; Franz Peter Firmbach; Michael Utz
Silent ePosters


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