Anatomical 3D Segmentation Workshop & Booth exhibition

3dMed19 – 5th Annual 3D Med Australia Conference 2019 

November 14th - 16th, 2019
AAMI Park | Melbourne, Australia


Medical 3D technology for patient care has never been so accessible. Today, you can get 3D planning and printing directly at your hospital. Provide your patients personalized treatment based on their scans as Point-of-Care 3D printing enables manufacturing directly on location! Join 3dMed19 pre-conference Anatomical 3D Segmentation Workshop, on November 14, 2019 at the University of Melbourne to learn more about the end–to-end workflows for the production of 3D-printed color anatomical models, which can be used to improve pre-surgical planning, patient consultation and support medical education.

The workshop is in collaboration with Evok3D, HP 3D Partner in Australia. 


Find out how Materialise solutions can help you to provide personalized treatment to your patients. Or simply to get insights, from identifying the right applications, choosing the right technology, to guidance on setting 3D Point-of-Care facility at your hospital. Click here for further info.



  • How to turn your medical dataset into a 3D virtual model
  • How to segment your maxillofacial and cardiovascular 3D models
  • How to prepare your virtual model for color printing and how color printing can enhance the educational and diagnostic value of your anatomical models


Welcome Speech & Introduction 

Hands-on Session 1: From Scan to 3D Model with Materialise InPrint 

i.  Importing Scans and Performing Segmentation on Anatomy of Interest 
ii.  Converting Segmented Anatomy of Interest into a 3D Model 
iii.  Adapt and Edit 3D Model to Achieve Optimal Visualization (Thickness, Color) and Labelling for Traceability 
iv.  Ensuring Printability of 3D Part and Export to 3D Printer for a Physical 3D Model 


Hands-on Session 2: From 3D Model to Printing 

i.  Importing 3D Model and Checking for Printability 
ii.  Build Preparation for 3D Printing 
iii.  Sending the Build to the Printer for Full Colour 3D Printing 
iv.  Overview of HP MJF 3D Printing Technology 
v.  See the Finished Full Colour Parts with Special Giveaways for Attendees 


Madeleine Mclntyre

Business Manager, Materialise Australia 

Noramirah Azlan

Application Engineer, Materialise Sdn. Bhd. 


Josh O Connell

Representative from Evok3D



Workshop Time & Venue

8:30 am - 10 am, 14th November 2019

Electrical Engineering Room 121, Building 193 at the University of Melbourne Parkville Campus, 
Parkville Victoria 3010, Australia. See map

Computer pre-installed with Materialise InPrint Software will be provided to all workshop participants 

Workshop Price & Conference Registration

The pre-conference workshop is part of 3dMed 2019 program, which require the registration to 3dMed conference 2019 on 15th-16th. For details of the conference registration and pricing, kindly refer 3DMed Australia 2019 website by clicking here.