Highlights from the 3D Printing in Medicine Course

Thank you for joining our event from June 13th to 14th in Leuven, Belgium.

We hope you learned everything you need to start implementing 3D printing in your hospital. Please find resources from the event below, such as presentations, recordings, movies and photos.

We hope to see you at another Materialise event soon!

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This event is intended for hospital staff in the following areas:

  • Clinical scientists
  • Orthopedic surgeons and consultants
  • Medical imaging specialists
  • Radiologists
  • Orthognathic and reconstructive surgeons
  • Clinical engineers
  • Cardiovascular specialists
  • Pediatric specialists

“In terms of setting up a service that was for me one of the lessons that I really brought home from the course last year. We didn't had a service in Bristol at that time. 12 months ago we didn't had a lab and now we do. The inspiration that we got from some of the colleagues that were presenting their own in-house 3DP labs, was what got me starting that conversation. ”
-Dr. Giovanni Biglino

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The 3D Printing in Medicine Course brings together the innovation-minded healthcare community to share their knowledge how to integrate and expand 3D technology in hospitals.




Get valuable consultancy on how to set up a 3D printing facility in your hospital: from building a strong business case to selecting the right software and hardware, to measuring and reporting on the benefits.



Learn from the firsthand experiences of clinical experts who have gone through the process of implementing 3D technologies at their own hospitals. Hear their recommendations during the expert and network sessions.



Make your voice heard in the vast European network of innovators who believe in the benefits of 3D printing in hospitals, and join them in the mission of revolutionizing patient-specific healthcare.

3D Printing in Medicine Course 2019

57 attendees, 12 expert lectures, 2 panel discussions, 2 hands-on workshops and countless stimulating debates on how to accelerate the potential of 3D planning and 3D printing to move towards patient-specific healthcare.


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