The New Normal in Manufacturing

How CNH Industrial and Materialise Mindware Are Building Operational Resilience

The entire world of manufacturing experienced a shift this year with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains were disrupted, production lines were halted, and budgets were cut. Going forward now with a new awareness of vulnerabilities, one objective is high on businesses’ agendas: becoming future-proof. How can additive manufacturing contribute towards that goal?

During this free virtual Think-In session, Materialise’s advisory team Mindware links up with CNH Industrial. Register today to learn how additive manufacturing is helping CNH build resilience amid disruptive conditions.


In this session, you will learn about

  • Supply chain management at CNH Industrial

  • How CNH used AM to ease supply chain disruptions during the COVID crisis

  • AM’s valuable role in future-proofing businesses and building resilience against unpredictable disruptions

This session will be followed by a live Q&A.


Joyce God
  Inside sales officer, Materialise Manufacturing

Peter Ommeslag 
Director - Industry 4.0 global program lead, CNH Industrial

Peter Ommeslag joined CNH in 1990, after holding several positions in Siemens and the Beaulieu group. With a postgraduate in applied economics from the UFSIA University in Antwerp, his professional experience spans several functional areas ranging from finance, purchasing and financial services to supply chain and manufacturing. Peter has led the implementation and maintenance of SAP activities, and headed CNH’s Manufacturing ICT department for three years. Today, Peter leads the Industry 4.0 program for CNH at the global level.

Sven Hermans
  Manager Application Engineering, Materialise

Sven Hermans
Sr. Innovation Manager, Materialise

As part of Materialise Mindware, the company’s advisory service for additive manufacturing, Sven Hermans supports businesses to make the most of the technology’s potential. Since joining Materialise in 2008, he has supported companies including Philips Lighting and Hyundai Automotive to find new applications for AM, to validate business cases for AM, to develop value-adding solutions, and to find the right combination of AM technology and material for their purposes. With an academic background in business management and teaching, he enjoys playing the roles of both educator and co-creator in close collaboration with Materialise customers. Driven by a passion for co-creation and the belief that collaboration drives innovation, Sven is always on the lookout for synergies with like-minded businesses.

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