Iris van Herpen Debuts Wearable 3D Printed Pieces at Paris Fashion Week

For her latest collection, Iris Van Herpen channelled ‘wearable myth’ into two new 3D Printed collaborations. Incorporating organic patterns to enhance the body, it’s a new level in wearable prints.

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Iris Van Herpen’s “Escapism”

Solutions: Magics

Haute Couture Week for Autumn/Winter 2011 showed that fashion would never be the same, as Iris Van Herpen’s new collection transformed the idea of digital escapism into a literal fantasy.

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Iris Van Herpen’s “Hybrid Holism” Unveiled at Paris Fashion Week

Solutions: Stereolithography

Inspired by Philip Beesley’s “Hylozoic Ground” project, Iris Van Herpen teamed up with Materialise to create a 3D Printed dress evoking a “living” connection of human creations with natural systems.

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