Airbus Gets on Board with 3D Printing

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

When it comes to retrofitting for aircraft, time is of the essence. During cabin retrofits, the integration of newly designed elements might create a need for adapting or redesigning some panels or spacers, which are typically required in low volumes and short timeframes. With tight retrofit timescales to meet, Airbus was looking for a quick and smart solution to produce these spacer panels, and they found it in Materialise’s Certified Additive Manufacturing.

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Volum-e Reduces Metal Support Removal by 50% Using Materialise e-Stage

Solutions: Aluminium, e-stage, Metal 3D Printing

Automation, speed, quality and cost reduction are all important drivers for improving the 3D printing process. Discover how volum-e increased their efficiency of their highly complex metal production. 

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RapidFit+ Bumper Measurement Fixture

Fast and accurate fixture to enable the measurement of a pre-production series of a front and rear bumper. The bumpers were already fully assembled and painted. The fixture needed to simulate the car body which the bumper would be fastened to, therefore the real guiderails had to be mounted to the fixture.

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