Thinking Additive: How Volvo Car Gent Has Reimagined Production Fixtures

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

Volvo Car Gent discovered that streamlining your supply of tools and fixtures can unlock savings, production headroom and more. This 3D-printed gluing jig combines all previous components in one fixture, weighs 64% less and can be delivered in only two weeks at nearly half the price of the previous jig.

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3D-Printed Jigs and Fixtures with a 40% Weight Reduction

Solutions: Magics

Experts in the industry agree that 3D printing jigs and fixtures can make an immediate impact on automotive companies. By relying on 3D printing technology, companies can improve their efficiency and heavily cut expenses. In addition, the reduction of the lead-time is significant.

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RapidFit+ Bumper Measurement Fixture

Fast and accurate fixture to enable the measurement of a pre-production series of a front and rear bumper. The bumpers were already fully assembled and painted. The fixture needed to simulate the car body which the bumper would be fastened to, therefore the real guiderails had to be mounted to the fixture.

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