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Speeding up the product development process

Before using 3D printing technology, Titan Company was more limited in the development of new products. They would cast their precious metals in a traditional way. Now they put their design in a CAD file, convert it to STL and make it ready for 3D Printing with Materialise Magics software. A few hours later, the 3D-printed resin part is ready. This part is used in the casting process to replace the model that was crafted by hand. The next day, the stunning piece of jewelry can be delivered to the customer.

Materialise Magics plays a major role in Titan Company’s day-to-day 3D printing business. They use it to convert SLC files to STL, fix STL files, reduce the file size and smoothen the mesh.


“Materialise Magics makes STL validation and repair much easier. It also gives us more confidence to 3D print parts without any defects or deviation, leading to innovative, high-quality products for our customers,”

Mr. Karthikeyan, Manager of New Product Development at Titan Company Ltd, Jewelry Division.


What did 3D printing technology change?

Design freedom and short lead times; these are in a nutshell the advantages of using 3D printing technology for the jewelry industry. Mr. Karthikeyan describes the advantages for his company in the following way:

  • The turnaround time from design to product development is reduced drastically
  • More clarity in meeting the objectives of the designer and development team at a very initial stage in the product development cycle
  • We can modify the design with less effort and a shorter lead time
  • We can reach an optimal level of dimensional accuracy
  • Our design details can be more precise
  • We can maintain a very accurate symmetry in the product
  • Compared to the traditional process, the products can be sized and multiplied in quantity in a minimum of time
Finger ring in Materialise Magics software

Finger ring in Materialise Magics software

3D-printed finger ring

3D-printed finger ring


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All images courtesy of Titan Company Ltd.