Digital, Interconnected, and Automated: 3D Printer Control for Industry 4.0

Solutions: Magics 3D Print Suite, Streamics

Since it opened in April 2016, Materialise’s production site for metal 3D printing in Bremen has expanded to include more new 3D metal printers. Materialise Streamics software ensures optimum, cost-saving management of the printers and the orders completed with them. Process engineer Philip Buchholz explains how Streamics has been modified to meet requirements from a growing pool of printers to diverse customer needs.

Hyundai Motors Improves Production Efficiency with Automation Software

Solutions: e-stage, Streamics

By relying on 3D Printing, Hyundai Motor Company can create new products in a fast and cost-effective way, and experiment with designs with almost no design limitations or material waste. But how do they efficiently manage their Additive Manufacturing (AM) production?

Nanyang Polytechnic Streamlines its AM Production Process

Solutions: Magics, Streamics

Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) has been driving 3D printing innovation and adoption in Asia for 20 years with their Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC). To manage and sustain their Additive Manufacturing process, AMIC has established a partnership with Materialise.

The PEUGEOT FRACTAL Concept Car: 3D Printing Acoustic Interiors

Solutions: Build Processor, Laser Sintering, Streamics

PEUGEOT was in quest of the perfect concept car: a fully-electric urban coupé wrapped up in sleek aesthetics — but above all, it had to sound perfect. To create an anechoic chamber in the car’s interior, and maximize the effect of the sound system, PEUGEOT turned to laser sintering.

adidas Futurecraft: The Ultimate 3D-Printed Personalized Shoe

Solutions: 3-matic, Additive Manufacturing, Streamics

Your feet are unique: your running shoes should be too. Materialise’s 3D Printing software and solutions are helping sporting goods giant adidas unveil the future of performance footwear with Futurecraft 3D: a unique 3D-printed running shoe midsole, tailored to an individual’s foot.

Avio Aero Thinks Additive

Solutions: Magics, Streamics

Streamics and Magics, two of our leading software packages, support Avio Aero in manufacturing lightweight titanium blades for jet engine turbines: from preparing builds for the different Additive Manufacturing machines, to offering the necessary automation, control and traceability required to produce regulated aviation parts.

Manufacturing Designer Eyewear: Hoet Design Studio’s Cabrio Collection

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Streamics

Hoet Design Studio’s eyewear, says the studio, is born out of the desire to create a timeless design that is both classic and modern. What better way to do that than to take the ageless art of eyewear design and manufacturing into the dynamic, forward-looking world of 3D Printing?

Schunk’s 3D-Printed Grippers Grab All Attention

Solutions: Custom Software Development, Streamics

German expert in clamping technology and gripping systems Schunk worked with Materialise to create eGrip, the world's first fully-automated design and ordering tool for 3D-Printed gripper fingers.

The Future of Personalization Looks Bawsome

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Streamics

With Bawsome, you can personalize glasses according to frame (both front and temples) and lens color. Not only that, but you can also write messages on the side in the color of your choice to “change your accessory into a statement”.