94% Lighter, 50% Cheaper, and More Performant – Optimizing a Suction Gripper Design for Metal 3D Printing

Solutions: Magics, Metal Production

Production tools are one of the applications where additive manufacturing truly shines. By optimizing the design of this suction gripper for 3D printing, Materialise reduced the manufacturing costs per gripper by half.

Only Four Months from Idea to Working Metal Machine, Powered by Materialise Software

Solutions: Build Processor, Magics 3D Print Suite, Materialise Control Platform, Metal 3D Printing

German company Frydryszik Manufacturing + Technical Services (FMTS) provides services to various industries – from constructing a textile factory to training personnel and installing hot-oil systems.

Schunk’s 3D-Printed Grippers Grab All Attention

Solutions: Custom Software Development, Streamics

German expert in clamping technology and gripping systems Schunk worked with Materialise to create eGrip, the world's first fully-automated design and ordering tool for 3D-Printed gripper fingers.

See the World through a Colorful, Multi-Textured Telescope

Solutions: 3-matic, Magics, PolyJet

Telescope aficionados looking to stand out with their newest acquisition can now go for a 3D-printed telescope with different textures and colors, thanks to Materialise software program Materialise 3-matic and Stratasys’ Objet printers.