HeyGears Creates Personalized Prosthetic Designs in Seconds with Materialise API

With pages and pages of instructions, designing their prosthetics took the HeyGears team up to a full day of manual work. Discover how they benefited from an API custom-made by Materialise to drastically reduce these efforts and empower production to scale up.

Marchesini Group’s Journey Speeding up Resin and Metal 3D Printing by 30%

Solutions: e-stage

As a business that runs 3D printers for up to 21 hours each day, Marchesini Group relies on e-Stage to make printing customized parts more efficient. This packaging machinery manufacturer has fully embraced additive manufacturing’s benefits to meet the needs of clients in sectors such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food.

Gold Standard for Jewelry Design with 3D Printing Software

Immaculate Creations was struggling with various data and build prep challenges such as excessive manual labor and build crashes. By introducing specialized 3D printing software, their team greatly increased productivity and, therefore, quickly scaled up. 

AM Software Helped CommScope Double Production Numbers

Solutions: Laser Sintering, Magics, STL

The AM collaboration between CommScope and Materialise has grown significantly over the course of 18 years. As their production expanded, CommScope was recently able to double production numbers just by switching to the Sinter Module for part nesting. 

How Nissin Met Rapidly Increasing Orders with e-Stage for Metal

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, e-stage, Magics, Metal 3D Printing

Nissin Manufacturing 3D prints metal parts and prototypes. Discover how they use Materialise Magics and e-Stage for Metal to improve productivity in response to rapidly increasing orders and requests for shorter delivery times. 

How to Reduce Data and Build Preparation Time by 90%

Solutions: Magics

Fiberneering specializes in 3D printing large parts, which previously slowed data and build prep because of large files. Read on to find out how utilizing slice-based technology with Materialise software enabled them to reduce their time spent on preparing these files by 90%. 

How Materialise Software Solutions Helped to Create the World’s Largest Jet Engine

The GE9X, the largest jet engine in the world developed for Boeing’s next-generation 777X jets, took its maiden flight on the GE flying testbed in March 2018. Discover how its crucial 3D-printed turbine parts were created using Materialise software solutions, and how these same solutions can power certified series manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

94% Lighter, 50% Cheaper, and More Performant – Optimizing a Suction Gripper Design for Metal 3D Printing

Solutions: Magics, Metal Production

Production tools are one of the applications where additive manufacturing truly shines. By optimizing the design of this suction gripper for 3D printing, Materialise reduced the manufacturing costs per gripper by half.

Digital, Interconnected, and Automated: 3D Printer Control for Industry 4.0

Solutions: Magics 3D Print Suite, Streamics

Since it opened in April 2016, Materialise’s production site for metal 3D printing in Bremen has expanded to include more new 3D metal printers. Materialise Streamics software ensures optimum, cost-saving management of the printers and the orders completed with them. Process engineer Philip Buchholz explains how Streamics has been modified to meet requirements from a growing pool of printers to diverse customer needs.

TAILORED FITS Goes Off Piste in Ski Boot Design

Solutions: FDM

Until now skiers had to make a choice between ski boots that were either comfortable or high performing. TAILORED FITS founder Reto Rindlisbacher wanted to change this by combining these two features into one pair of boots. And he was able to do so thanks to mass customization made possible through 3D printing.

Lattice Structures Enable Optimized Tooling Design for Smoby Toys

Solutions: 3-matic, Build Processor, Metal 3D Printing

Smoby, the number one toy manufacturer in France, makes merchandise featuring the Lightning McQueen car. Some of their toys are produced by IPC, a research center with significant expertise in 3D printing technology. To produce miniature versions of Lightning McQueen, IPC decided to print a metal mold that would perform better than ever before thanks to cooling channels that follow the exact shape of the car.

3D Printing Meets Prehistoric Preservation: Materialise Prints Life-Size Mammoth Skeleton

Solutions: 3-matic, Mammoth Stereolithography, RapidFit+, Stereolithography

When it comes to producing an exact replica of a mammoth, one thing is clear. Size matters. Recreating over 300 bones, some of which are over 2 meters in length (bigger than a fully grown adult!), is no small feat. Coupled with the need to avoid any invasive or potentially damaging work on the original bones, this project presented a unique challenge.