How Personalization Has Changed the Hearing Aid Industry

Solutions: Magics

Today 99% of hearing aids are personalized to uniquely fit the wearer for a more comfortable fit. This example of mass customization was made through a partnership between Phonak, now part of Sonova, and Materialise. The duo created a solution with a better fit by digitizing a labor-intensive process by using custom software and 3D printing.

Anaplastology model presented by Jan De Cubber, CCE Zaventem, Belgium

For the patient in this case, recurring bouts of cancer led doctors to remove an area of his face that included his right eye, cheek bone, and upper jaw. This left the patient with a severe deformity that had serious consequences for his quality of life. Conventional treatment for this rare case did not exist.

Surgical Planning Software Plays a Key Role in Mandible Reconstruction

Solutions: SurgiCase

A patient of Dr. Buchbinder and Dr. Urken was diagnosed with a large tumor of the lower jaw. The resection of the ameloblastoma had to be approached very carefully. Both surgeons wanted the best possible preparation for this complex surgery, so they decided to plan it virtually.