Loughborough University’s 3D Printing Technology Breathes New Life into Richard III

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Loughborough’s world-leading expertise in 3D printing has been used by the University of Leicester to breathe new life into the remains of King Richard III – creating a replica of his skeleton.

Mimics Assists in Enhancing Foot Comfort

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Finite element analysis can be a very powerful tool for understanding stress distribution on the feet and its implications for comfort. An adequate virtual 3D model is needed to precisely simulate the biomechanical behavior of the human foot.

Optimizing Stent Design with the Use of the Mimics Innovation Suite

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Virtual tests can shorten the time to market for medical devices. Researchers obtained accurate 3D models of stent geometry from nano/micro-CT images to create realistic computational models for stent research.

Innovative Methods for Aortic Aneurysm Device Testing

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Medtronic uses the Mimics Innovation Suite to transform patient-specific data into accurate and realistic physical test models for their stent designs and to quantify device performance.

The New Backbone of Cervical Interventions

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Sheng Lu and her research team came up with a procedure to use patient-specific drill templates with a preplanned trajectory for cervical pedicle screw placement.

Unraveling the Complexity of Liver Blood Circulation

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

The blood flow through the liver is characterized by complicated flow patterns. For a better understanding, the IBiTech team developed a model of the liver microcirculation based on 3D reconstructions aided by software from Materialise.

Complex Intra-Articular Osteotomy Simplified to Conventional Fracture

Solutions: Surgical Guides, SurgiCase

After initial treatment on a 58-year-old woman’s wrist fracture left her with a painful intra-articular malunion, her surgeon turned to the experts at Materialise to design a custom surgical plan.

Materialise Streamics is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Solutions: Streamics

Materialise's Streamics is used by our Medical Production team to automate basic process steps and ensure traceability, giving our experts more time to focus on patient-specific challenges.

King Tut Revealed through an Accurate 3D Replica

Solutions: Magics, Mimics Innovation Suite, Stereolithography

The enduring fascination of Tutankhamun is undeniable. Now thanks to the efforts of Gary Staabe and the Materialise team, we can finally see the King behind the famous mask with our own eyes!

Striking the Right Note with a Well-Planned Radius Reconstruction

Solutions: Surgical Guides, SurgiCase

Conservative treatment for a double radius fracture left a 15-year-old boy with rotational difficulties but, thanks to a virtual surgical plan, his complex surgery was customized for a perfect repair.

How Personalization Has Changed the Hearing Aid Industry

Solutions: Magics

Today 99% of hearing aids are personalized to uniquely fit the wearer for a more comfortable fit. This example of mass customization was made through a partnership between Phonak, now part of Sonova, and Materialise. The duo created a solution with a better fit by digitizing a labor-intensive process by using custom software and 3D printing.

Anaplastology model presented by Jan De Cubber, CCE Zaventem, Belgium

For the patient in this case, recurring bouts of cancer led doctors to remove an area of his face that included his right eye, cheek bone, and upper jaw. This left the patient with a severe deformity that had serious consequences for his quality of life. Conventional treatment for this rare case did not exist.