The Ultimate Virtual Crash Test Dummy

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Researchers at Wake Forest University are using computational human body models of the whole human body that can be employed in the fields of injury prediction, anatomical instructions, and ergonomics studies.

3D Printed Hip Puts Teenager Back On Her Feet

Solutions: Metal 3D Printing

Unable to attend school because of a painful congenital hip deformity, a teenage girl faced a lifetime in a wheelchair. With the Materialise aMace® implant, she found new hope for a normal teenage life.

Total Artificial Heart Implantation Planning

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

The utilization of Total Artificial Hearts in pediatric cases is limited by strict recommendations on anatomical characteristics for proper fit. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital uses the Mimics Innovation Suite to screen pediatric patients who fall outside the recommended range.

Improved Pre-operative Planning for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Transcatheter procedures are transforming the treatment of heart valve conditions, particularly with regards to aortic valve stenosis. FEops uses simulations to optimize transcatheter cardiovascular devices and patient-tailored interventions.

3D Printing Creates the World’s First Replacement Knee Joint in a Cat

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering, Mimics Innovation Suite

Innovative surgeons at North Carolina State University helped one lucky cat avoid amputation by using Materialise’s Mimics Innovation Suite to create the world’s first feline 3D Printed knee implant.

Patient-Specific Guides and Plates for a Double Forearm Malunion Case

Solutions: Surgical Guides

This complex case, where both the ulna and radius were deformed, was treated with the help of Materialise's patient-specific guiding technology. Both deformities were corrected through patient-specific surgical guides.

First Swedish Case using Materialise's Patient-Specific Surgical Guides and 3D Planning

Solutions: Surgical Guides

In 2011, the very first Swedish surgery with Materialise patient-specific guides took place in the Sahlgrenska hospital in Götenborg. Dr. Peter Axelsson treated a young boy with limited mobility in the forearm with the newest technology. A CT scan was taken of both arms making it possible to plan the surgery in 3D.

Helping Heal Injured Poor around the World with SIGN

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

SIGN Fracture Care International is dedicated to treating victims of orthopaedic injury throughout the developing world and uses the Mimics Innovation Suite to develop and conduct computerized strength tests on implants.

Delaying Total Knee Replacement Surgery with Innovative 3D Solutions

Solutions: Surgical Guides

Cartilage damage can sideline even the most avid of sportspeople. After 2 years of knee pain, a doctor gets the ‘active’ back into his active lifestyle with a custom 3D Printed orthopaedic solution.

CFD Simulation of Water Flow in Sandstone Using Micro-CT

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

To understand water flow through Belgian sandstone for a study on the extraction of fossil fuels from porous rock formations, researchers required state-of-the-art software to process and analyze micro-CT images without any compromise.

3D Arterial Modeling: Replacing Casting by In Vivo Micro-CT

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Mice are highly valuable in cardiovascular research since they offer a time-efficient model to study cardiovascular diseases. Researchers at Ghent University compared casts of sacrificed mice with 3D models obtained from live animals.

Innovative Patient-Specific Intranasal Flow Simulations

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Dr. Krause used the Mimics Innovation Suite to simulate intranasal flow, illustrating every step of the process, from the segmentation of the flow region to the surface shape reconstruction and more.