Optimal Device Fit for PPVI in Wide RVOT Anatomies

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

At the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mansour AlJufan and his team are treating patients with structural and congenital heart defects. Dr. AlJufan recognized early on that 3D-printed models of a patient’s anatomy could greatly assist in planning complex interventional procedures.

Jaw Reconstruction and 3D Planning for Orthognathic Surgery

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite, ProPlan CMF

Doctors at King’s College Hospital, London, planned a 3D bimaxillary orthognathic surgery to design a 3D-printed, patient-specific, titanium mandibular plate to restore a patient's facial symmetry and function.

Saving a Six-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Knee

Solutions: Surgical Guides

Removing Helena’s tumor was complicated because of the tumor’s proximity to her knee joint. A standard procedure with a 3cm margin would have likely have required an amputation. Here’s how Dr. Gwen Sys managed to save Helena’s knee joint, with the help of 3D Printing.

Mimics® Innovation Suite Supports Paula Radcliffe’s Comeback

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite, RS Print

World-record-holder Paula Radcliffe ran her first race in two years, in preparation for the London Marathon, thanks to RS Print’s 3D-printed dynamic custom insoles designed specifically for her anatomy and dynamic gait analysis.

Characterizing the Eye at the Nanoscale

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Despite the retina’s importance, the complex relationship between its anatomy and physiology is not yet fully understood. The Mimics® Innovation Suite helped Kim et al. use immuno-electron microscopy to characterize a new visual processing pathway.

Population-Based Validation of a Subcutaneous Bone Conduction Implant System

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

When launching a new implant system, how do you know that it will fit the vast majority of your target patient population and how can you prove this to your customers? Hearing implant company Cochlear BAS turned to Anatomical Data Mining for their design validation.

Creating the Perfect Fit for a Pulsatile Total Artificial Heart

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

The accurate fit of a Total Artificial Heart is an important challenge as every patient’s anatomy is unique. German device engineers were looking for a way to optimize their designs to treat the maximum number of patients.

Revolutionizing Jaw Angle Surgery with 3D Planning and Custom Implant Design

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite, ProPlan CMF

The team of Professor Mommaerts from the European Face Centre planned a complex jaw angle reconstruction with Materialise’s PROPLAN CMF and 3-matic software for a girl with hemifacial microsomia.

The Human Body As a Mini Power Plant

Solutions: Mammoth Stereolithography

In terms of energy, we often see the human body as a consumer. But what if we thought about people not only as energy eaters, but also as energy generators? At Energeticon, a permanent exhibition on energy development in Alsdorf, Germany, you can actually see the human body as a mini power plant.

Using 3D Technology to Help a Man Get Back on the Waves

Solutions: Surgical Guides

Through the help of specialized surgical planning and guiding tools from Materialise, Koen was able to make a full recovery after suffering from a long battle with lateral compartment arthritis in his knee.

3D-Printed Congenital Heart Defect Models for Pre-Surgical Planning

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Congenital heart defects affect eight out of every one thousand newborns. This case explored the feasibility of using a 3D-printed, patient-specific, compliant model of a patient’s heart anatomy for pre-surgical planning.

3D Printing Belgium’s First Face Transplant

Solutions: ProPlan CMF

A surgical team* led by Prof. Pillip Bondeel at the University Hospital of Ghent successfully performed Belgium’s first full face transplant thanks to patient-specific planning and 3D Printing.