The Human Body As a Mini Power Plant

Solutions: Mammoth Stereolithography

In terms of energy, we often see the human body as a consumer. But what if we thought about people not only as energy eaters, but also as energy generators? At Energeticon, a permanent exhibition on energy development in Alsdorf, Germany, you can actually see the human body as a mini power plant.

Using 3D Technology to Help a Man Get Back on the Waves

Solutions: Surgical Guides

Through the help of specialized surgical planning and guiding tools from Materialise, Koen was able to make a full recovery after suffering from a long battle with lateral compartment arthritis in his knee.

3D-Printed Congenital Heart Defect Models for Pre-Surgical Planning

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Congenital heart defects affect eight out of every one thousand newborns. This case explored the feasibility of using a 3D-printed, patient-specific, compliant model of a patient’s heart anatomy for pre-surgical planning.

3D Printing Belgium’s First Face Transplant

Solutions: ProPlan CMF

A surgical team* led by Prof. Pillip Bondeel at the University Hospital of Ghent successfully performed Belgium’s first full face transplant thanks to patient-specific planning and 3D Printing.

Young Girl Can Breathe Easy Thanks to the Mimics Innovation Suite

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Dr. Vos and his team turned to advanced functional respiratory imaging, using the Mimics Innovation Suite and flow simulations to gain insight into the medical condition with reduced lung capacity.

NewBorn Heart Rate Sensor: 3D Printing to Reduce Infant Mortality

Solutions: Rapid Prototyping, Stereolithography, Vacuum Casting

A baby’s breathing needs to be watched closely after birth but traditional methods make continuous monitoring difficult. Laerdal Medical called on Materialise to help create a life-saving solution.

Patient-Specific Implant Design Made Easier

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Researchers from Stellenbosch University investigated if a customized approach for total knee arthroplasty prosthesis could be advantageous over the traditional approach.

Mechanical Growth Modulation for Scoliosis Correction

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Dr. Newton from Rady Children’s Hospital proposes a mechanical tether to redirect spinal growth in scoliosis patients as an alternative to spinal fusion.

Cornell University Swaps Horses

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Cornell University revolutionizes horse airway scanning using Mimics Innovation Suite’s Remesh technology and reduces file preparation time from several weeks to only two days!

Breaking New Ground in Ecological Architecture

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

The search is on for construction methods which are light in energy consumption as well as in the use of materials. Help might come from the fungus farming termites’ ingenious mound structures.

The Ultimate Virtual Crash Test Dummy

Solutions: Mimics Innovation Suite

Researchers at Wake Forest University are using computational human body models of the whole human body that can be employed in the fields of injury prediction, anatomical instructions, and ergonomics studies.

3D Printed Hip Puts Teenager Back On Her Feet

Solutions: Metal 3D Printing

Unable to attend school because of a painful congenital hip deformity, a teenage girl faced a lifetime in a wheelchair. With the Materialise aMace® implant, she found new hope for a normal teenage life.