Successfully print a 2.7-meter veil


Slice-based technology

Software used

Materialise Build Processor


Fast, robust slicing algorithms that can process complex files


Consumer goods

Steven Ma is the founder of XUBERANCE®, an internationally renowned 3D Printing design company, headquartered in Shanghai and on the way to become China’s first professional 3D Printing design brand. Besides offering a 3D design service dedicated to customized designs, the company also has a 3D Printing R&D team.

For the world’s first wedding with 3D Printing as theme, the XUBERANCE® team designed the world’s longest 3D-printed wedding veil. They hoped to exhibit it at the Milan Design Week 2015 as well, but they could not find a service bureau in China that would manage to print the complex design. Thankfully, Materialise’s Build Processor software and 3D Printing services ensured a happy ending.


No Mission Impossible

Steven Ma wanted to 3D-print an impressive 2.7-meter-long wedding veil, composed of thousands of small chain links. Data preparation software Materialise Magics made it ready for 3D Printing. To make the refined, long wedding veil fit on the machine’s build platform, the design was also folded with Materialise Magics. All the intricate chains, however, led to a very large file size and the service bureaus Steven had contacted to print his design knew that their machines would crash while trying to handle these kinds of files. Those that tried it anyway were confronted with disappointing results as the build process was interrupted several times.

Steven then contacted Materialise to help him with their extended portfolio of 3D Printing software solutions and discovered the Materialise Build Processor. The Materialise Build Processor goes beyond simplifying the communication between software and printers; it also includes a fast, robust and optimized slicing technology. The powerful software can process large files easily, which prevents crashes. With the support of the EOS Build Processor, the dress could be laser sintered at Materialise HQ. After printing, the dress was unfolded, revealing a fully functional piece, printed perfectly the first time!





“Materialise’s support was great and the quality of the chain dress veil is amazing! In my opinion, Materialise is the most reliable printing service in the world. I’m glad that we could work together on this and I’m looking forward to our collaboration for future projects.”

– Steven Ma, founder of XUBERANCE

Milan Salone Satellite Award

The breathtaking chain dress veil was displayed and admired during the Milan Design Week, which brings together the most promising young designers from all over the world. Afterwards, it was presented at the Materialise World Conference and at numerous international conferences around the world. Steven Ma’s Cloud Lamp Series, also printed at Materialise, was rewarded with the Salone Satellite Award. The Award is the highest accolade offered to designers at the Milan Design Week 2015.

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