A Smart Way to Deliver Smart Glasses: 3D Printing Helps Achilles Design and Iristick Get Market-Ready

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

Iristick’s smart safety glasses are at the cutting edge of design and electronic engineering. Working with Materialise, Achilles Design was able to get Iristick into small-series manufacturing at least 6 months ahead of schedule, reduce initial investment costs, and go to market with an agile offering tailorable to customer requirements.

Fmhofmann Powers Eyewear Creativity with 3D Printing

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

Inspired by the design freedom that 3D Printing presents and armed with a creative concept unlike any other, leading designer Fabián Hofmann presented Materialise with a challenge. To partner with him in creating the industry’s first eyewear range with complex moving parts created entirely from additive technologies. With a re-imagined titanium ‘VOID’ hinge, a lightweight open core frame design, and an entirely new surface finish, ‘Cosmos’ was born.

Transforming Eyewear and the Eyewear Industry: Yuniku

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

When 3D Printing meets the right application and the right partners, it has the potential to turn around an entire industry. Meet Yuniku, the world’s first 3D-tailored eyewear to introduce vision-centric design — and an open digital platform that allows any eyewear brand to do likewise.

HOYA’s Vision Simulator & EyeGenius: 3D-Printed Eyecare Devices

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing

What was your last eye test at the optician’s like? Materialise’s partnership with HOYA is bringing in a virtual reality simulator that lets you truly experience lenses before buying them, while a brand-new, high-precision eye examination system offers opticians a choice of 60 vision tests.

Behind the New Frames in the 3D-Printed Cabrio Collection: A Chat with Eyewear Designer Bieke Hoet!

Having set the bar up high, Materialise and Hoet are back with all-new frames, featuring all-new innovations including the world’s first 3D-printed adjustable temple system, to expand the 3D-printed Cabrio collection.

Materialise and SEIKO’s Award-Winning Xchanger Collection

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Materialise Control Platform, Streamics

At the Silmo 2015 optical fair in Paris, the new 3D-printed SEIKO Xchanger sports eyewear collection won the Silmo d’Or award for excellence in optical innovation. This collaboration between Materialise, SEIKO and Hoet demonstrates yet again the added value that 3D Printing brings to eyewear.

Manufacturing Designer Eyewear: Hoet Design Studio’s Cabrio Collection

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Streamics

Hoet Design Studio’s eyewear, says the studio, is born out of the desire to create a timeless design that is both classic and modern. What better way to do that than to take the ageless art of eyewear design and manufacturing into the dynamic, forward-looking world of 3D Printing?

The Future of Personalization Looks Bawsome

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Streamics

With Bawsome, you can personalize glasses according to frame (both front and temples) and lens color. Not only that, but you can also write messages on the side in the color of your choice to “change your accessory into a statement”.

The Cabrio Collection by Hoet Design Studio

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

For their new Cabrio collection, Hoet Design Studio turned to 3D Printing to take their designs straight from paper to wearable eyewear without needing to sacrifice style or function for production.