AM Helps MMI Become Microsurgery Instrumentation Success Story

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering

After developing the world’s smallest wristed instruments for microsurgery, MMI needed to quickly make their products market-ready. Discover how AM helped make this possible — and continued to shine once they began producing end-use parts. 

NewBorn Heart Rate Sensor: 3D Printing to Reduce Infant Mortality

Solutions: Rapid Prototyping, Stereolithography, Vacuum Casting

A baby’s breathing needs to be watched closely after birth but traditional methods make continuous monitoring difficult. Laerdal Medical called on Materialise to help create a life-saving solution.

How Personalization Has Changed the Hearing Aid Industry

Solutions: Magics

Today 99% of hearing aids are personalized to uniquely fit the wearer for a more comfortable fit. This example of mass customization was made through a partnership between Phonak, now part of Sonova, and Materialise. The duo created a solution with a better fit by digitizing a labor-intensive process by using custom software and 3D printing.