A Drive for Fashion: Anouk Wipprecht and the Audi A4 Collection

Solutions: Magics

FashionTech designer Anouk Wipprecht’s dresses are based on the intersection between technology and design, and explore the interaction between human beings and their personal spaces. For her Audi A4 collection, Anouk used Materialise Magics to prepare her designs for 3D printing.

Sagrada Familia: Magics Meets Modernism

Solutions: Magics, Rapid Prototyping

The world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona has been using 3D Printing since 2001 to continue the work of the great designer Antoni Gaudí. This modernist architect was not able to finish the work during his life. With the assistance of Materialise Magics software, Gaudí’s glorious magnum opus is well on its way to completion.

Wearable Tech Just Got Smarter: Anouk Wipprecht's Intel Edison-powered, 3D-printed “Synapse Dress” Logs Your Mood

Solutions: TPU 92A-1

By embedding Intel Edison, Anouk Wipprecht created "Synapse", a 3D-printed smart dress based on biosensors that takes user experience to the next level.

“Smoke Dress” Hits the Volkswagen Catwalk

Solutions: 3-matic, Magics, TPU 92A-1

In a special creation for the Frankfurt International Motor Show, designer Anouk Wipprecht explores the interactive design capabilities of 3D Printing with the innovative “Smoke Dress”.

Iris van Herpen Debuts Wearable 3D Printed Pieces at Paris Fashion Week

For her latest collection, Iris Van Herpen channelled ‘wearable myth’ into two new 3D Printed collaborations. Incorporating organic patterns to enhance the body, it’s a new level in wearable prints.

The Wings of Madame Butterfly

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Magics

Can you picture a retro-futurist “Madame Butterfly”? With help from a stunning pair of 3D Printed wings designed by Mariko Mori, the Venice Biennale showed the opera as it had never been seen before.

Materialise’s Wilfried Vancraen at TEDxLeuven

Solutions: Rapid Prototyping

On March 29th, 2012, Materialise’s founder and CEO Wilfried Vancraen took to the TEDxLeuven stage to discuss the power of 3D Printing to create a better quality of life for all.

Reimagining Reality: Nick Ervinck’s Fantastic New Worlds

Solutions: Mammoth Stereolithography

It’s easy to take the world for granted. Using 3D Printing as just one of his many tools, artist Nick Ervinck creates pieces that challenge people to take a fresh look at the world around them.

Software Solutions Help Nike in Supporting Great Art

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, e-stage, Magics, Mammoth Stereolithography

Always at the forefront of innovation, Nike’s latest launch enlisted the architectural talents of Daniel Widrig and design freedom of 3D Printing to bring the essence of the body in motion to life.

New York Fashion Week, Materialised

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

New York Fashion Week 2013 has come to an end. As fashion media start sharing highlights from the runway, we take a moment to look at some of the boundary-pushing contributions made by 3D Printing.

Fashion and 3D Printing Take to the Catwalk in Tokyo, Japan

Solutions: i.materialise

Materialise treated their Tokyo conference attendees to a unique catwalk experience featuring traditional Japanese hairpins and Korean hanboks redesigned to fuse traditional design with 3D Printing.

Shedding Light on Personal Expression

Solutions: i.materialise

Many great creative acts have been performed in the name of love. With the help of a unique creation by i.materialise, a young Belgian man proposed to the love of his life… in a very unusual way.