How AM Is Helping CNH Steer a Stronger Supply Chain Strategy

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

Like many other businesses throughout the world, CNH ran into supply chain challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with AM in their toolkit and a strategic partner to guide them, CNH quickly adapted, avoiding major potential losses as a result.

Pushing boundaries by ‘normalizing new’: 3DP has become business as usual for Labman Automation

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping

Labman has been at the forefront of designing custom laboratory automation products and solutions for almost 30 years – its robots can be found in over 42 countries, in locations ranging from prestigious research institutions to the development rooms of major manufacturers. With a focus on innovation and a ‘can do’, curious approach, the business is frequently called in to solve automated process puzzles thought insurmountable. And increasingly it’s using 3D printing to do it. 

3D Printing Meets Prehistoric Preservation: Materialise Prints Life-Size Mammoth Skeleton

Solutions: 3-matic, Mammoth Stereolithography, RapidFit+, Stereolithography

When it comes to producing an exact replica of a mammoth, one thing is clear. Size matters. Recreating over 300 bones, some of which are over 2 meters in length (bigger than a fully grown adult!), is no small feat. Coupled with the need to avoid any invasive or potentially damaging work on the original bones, this project presented a unique challenge.

Suction Gripper in 3D-Printed Aluminum: The Power of (Re)Design

Solutions: Aluminium, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing

Making the most of Additive Manufacturing means taking a new approach to design. For this suction gripper, our Design & Engineering team evolved the design until we had a 3D-printed part that costs less than one-third of the original, is nearly a quarter of the weight, and needs no assembly.

The PEUGEOT FRACTAL Concept Car: 3D Printing Acoustic Interiors

Solutions: Build Processor, Laser Sintering, Streamics

PEUGEOT was in quest of the perfect concept car: a fully-electric urban coupé wrapped up in sleek aesthetics — but above all, it had to sound perfect. To create an anechoic chamber in the car’s interior, and maximize the effect of the sound system, PEUGEOT turned to laser sintering.

LIGHT Letters Make for the Heaviest Data Set We Ever Sent to a 3D Printer

Solutions: 3-matic, Build Processor, Lightweight Structures, Magics, Mammoth Stereolithography, Stereolithography

The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT was looking for a real showstopper to present itself at the LASER World of Photonics 2015: a set of 2-meter-tall 3D-printed letters, spelling out the word LIGHT. Behind the light print, though, lies a very heavy file and some clever design work.

VTT Presents an Organic, Lightweight Hydraulic Valve

Solutions: 3-matic, Additive Manufacturing, Build Processor, Magics, Metal 3D Printing

The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland wanted to produce a strong and light hydraulic valve with minimal risk of leakage. Since this is an impossible challenge with traditional manufacturing technology, VTT decided to explore the possibilities of 3D Printing.

Materialise Grippers for Assembly Line Automation

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Certified Additive Manufacturing, Grippers

Materialise’s pneumatic grippers made an appearance at the EXPO MILANO 2015, giving a hand (literally) to ABB’s dual-arm robot, YuMi. With these grippers, YuMi can do much of what human hands can do in an assembly-line job, with more precision and consistency.

Five Software Packages Lead to One Majestic Jaguar

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Build Processor, Magics, Mammoth Stereolithography

What’s the best way to enter a harbor in style? The bow of the luxury yacht KISMET is now adorned with a massive majestic jaguar, good for scaring off any maritime threats. Materialise was delighted to help make this yacht owner’s dream come true.

3D Printing a More Efficient Food Supply Chain with Wakati

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, FDM, Stereolithography, Vacuum Casting

According to the United Nations, 45% of fruit and vegetables spoil before they reach the market, squandering almost half of the labor and investments. Instead of trying to double production, an inventive young Belgian product developer decided to tackle the root cause: storage!

Iris van Herpen and Materialise in the Wired Pop-Up Store 2012

Solutions: Laser Sintering, Mammoth Stereolithography

Iris van Herpen has used 3D Printing to push the boundaries of Haute Couture, picking up countless accolades. WIRED lets shoppers see one of her innovative dresses up close in their NYC Pop-Up Store.

The Fastest Manufacturing Project Ever

Solutions: Laser Sintering

Finding themselves in a crunch after a key parts supplier backed out at the last-minute, NedLight Eco LED System turned to Materialise to help save a high-profile project in record time.