Rethinking and Redesigning: Upgrading an Automotive Tool with Additive Manufacturing

Solutions: Metal 3D Printing

After designers and engineers at Materialise recognized flaws in automotive drape forming, they took up the challenge to redesign a production tool with AM. 

How 3D Printing Helped Morrow Shape the Future of Eyewear 

We talk to Paul Marchal, co-founder of Belgian eyewear brand Morrow, to learn more about their unique autofocus glasses and the crucial role of 3D printing. 

How eVTOL Startup LIFT Got ‘Flight-Ready’ in Less than 13 Months with AM

Safety and speed of innovation: two concepts notoriously difficult to balance, certainly when it comes to aviation. Not so for US-based eVTOL business, LIFT Aircraft Inc. This startup is on a mission to make flight accessible to all. And they are well on their way to achieving it with HEXA — a new type of aircraft that anyone can fly.

How Metal 3D Printing Helps Cool DARE’s First Liquid-Fueled Rocket Engine

How do you cool a rocket engine that burns at over 2000 degrees Celsius? That was just one of the challenges facing a group of students at TU Delft in Project Sparrow. 

To See a Song: Materialise Designers Turn Abstract Idea to Personalized Car Speaker Grill Design

This case dives into what can be achieved when the Materialise Design and Engineering team applies their extensive design and additive knowledge to an abstract idea. Read on to discover how they made it possible to see your favorite song and make it a centerpiece in your car. 

Enabling Pinarello’s Lightest Racing Bike Yet: 2,000 3D-Printed Parts from Order to Delivery in Three Weeks

Solutions: Metal 3D Printing

Pinarello had one main goal in mind for their new racing bikes: weight reduction. They needed partners experienced in future-proof manufacturing technologies that adhere to their time, budget, and production objectives. Discover how Materialise achieved it with metal 3D printing and customized workflows. 

AM Helps MMI Become Microsurgery Instrumentation Success Story

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Laser Sintering

After developing the world’s smallest wristed instruments for microsurgery, MMI needed to quickly make their products market-ready. Discover how AM helped make this possible — and continued to shine once they began producing end-use parts. 

Reinventing the Frame: The McLaren Vision Collection 

How a luxury brand, eyewear designer, and company of innovators worked together to find an entirely new solution for creating high-end 3D-printed metal eyewear collections — and brought a vision that was 20 years in the making to life. 

How AM Is Helping CNH Steer a Stronger Supply Chain Strategy

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing

Like many other businesses throughout the world, CNH ran into supply chain challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with AM in their toolkit and a strategic partner to guide them, CNH quickly adapted, avoiding major potential losses as a result.

Materials and Mindsets: A Beautiful Blend for Sustainable Eyewear and for JF Rey

With Nautinew, JF Rey wanted to see what creative and commercial potential could be unlocked by mixing 3D-printed parts with traditionally crafted eyewear materials.  

Pushing boundaries by ‘normalizing new’: 3DP has become business as usual for Labman Automation

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping

Labman has been at the forefront of designing custom laboratory automation products and solutions for almost 30 years – its robots can be found in over 42 countries, in locations ranging from prestigious research institutions to the development rooms of major manufacturers. With a focus on innovation and a ‘can do’, curious approach, the business is frequently called in to solve automated process puzzles thought insurmountable. And increasingly it’s using 3D printing to do it. 

10 Years of 3D Printing at Samsonite: Innovation from Design to the Production Line

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Grippers, Rapid Prototyping

From concept to mass production, innovation is wired into Samsonite’s manufacturing DNA. Over the last ten years, 3D printing has helped the design team find original solutions to complex challenges as they move new projects forward.