Faster robot performance

The lower the weight of moving parts, the shorter the time needed for a cycle. Laser sintering allows for just that by producing highly-durable, light-weight polyamide parts. As a result, by replacing traditional aluminum parts with polyamide, robotic arms can achieve breathtaking accelerations.


Shorter project time

Within two weeks, tests of customer specific designs can be organized. Then, after initial tests and optimizations, the final production version is ready.


Freedom of form and greater functionality

By turning to additive manufacturing Intrion has been able to design components of higher complexity and functionality than would be possible through traditional techniques. Of great importance for intrion are parts that contain channels for wires, cables and air, with integration of electronic components. Furthermore, as these electronic components evolve over time, the computer file associated with the laser-sintered part can be easily adapted to accommodate any changes, and a new part can be printed and delivered within a short period of time.
Visually, the parts designed by intrion and realized by Materialise have high-quality look fitting the intrion logo proudly. Furthermore, in addition to looking great, the parts are foodsafe, allowing them to be used for a variety of roles in the food and pharmaceutical industries.



The beginning of a long and fruitful partnership

Thanks to their reputation for innovative solutions, intrion enjoys the privilege of delivering industrial automation solutions to the leaders of several industries. Materialise in turn, enjoys the privilege of working with a company like intrion, who has seen the potential of additive manufacturing and puts it to use in such creative ways. Parts designed by intrion and realized by Materialise, have already made their way onto many of intrion’s solutions, and with a constant demand for newer and better solutions, it is safe to say that this is just the beginning.

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