Pushing boundaries by ‘normalizing new’: 3DP has become business as usual for Labman Automation

Solutions: Certified Additive Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping

Labman has been at the forefront of designing custom laboratory automation products and solutions for almost 30 years – its robots can be found in over 42 countries, in locations ranging from prestigious research institutions to the development rooms of major manufacturers. With a focus on innovation and a ‘can do’, curious approach, the business is frequently called in to solve automated process puzzles thought insurmountable. And increasingly it’s using 3D printing to do it. 

10 Years of 3D Printing at Samsonite: Innovation from Design to the Production Line

Solutions: Additive Manufacturing, Grippers, Rapid Prototyping

From concept to mass production, innovation is wired into Samsonite’s manufacturing DNA. Over the last ten years, 3D printing has helped the design team find original solutions to complex challenges as they move new projects forward.

94% Lighter, 50% Cheaper, and More Performant – Optimizing a Suction Gripper Design for Metal 3D Printing

Solutions: Magics, Metal Production

Production tools are one of the applications where additive manufacturing truly shines. By optimizing the design of this suction gripper for 3D printing, Materialise reduced the manufacturing costs per gripper by half.

Digital, Interconnected, and Automated: 3D Printer Control for Industry 4.0

Solutions: Magics 3D Print Suite, Streamics

Since it opened in April 2016, Materialise’s production site for metal 3D printing in Bremen has expanded to include more new 3D metal printers. Materialise Streamics software ensures optimum, cost-saving management of the printers and the orders completed with them. Process engineer Philip Buchholz explains how Streamics has been modified to meet requirements from a growing pool of printers to diverse customer needs.

Röchling Automotive Is Shifting Gears to Make an Engine 35% Lighter

Solutions: Metal Production

Engineering and manufacturing company Röchling Automotive was given an ambitious target by one of their automobile OEM customers: to reduce the weight of an engine by 35%. After partnering with Materialise to optimize, design, cast an aluminum inlet and print in plastic around the metal core, they are on their way to meeting this goal.

TAILORED FITS Goes Off Piste in Ski Boot Design

Solutions: FDM

Until now skiers had to make a choice between ski boots that were either comfortable or high performing. TAILORED FITS founder Reto Rindlisbacher wanted to change this by combining these two features into one pair of boots. And he was able to do so thanks to mass customization made possible through 3D printing.

How to Reduce Planning Time for LLD and Femoral Offset by 25%

Solutions: Materialise OrthoView

By using Materialise OrthoView’s automated SmartHip wizard, planning time for surgeries has reduced by as much as 25%, according to Dr. Andrew Noble, a hip and knee specialist at Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute in Florida.

Bespoke 3D Anatomical Modeling for 5-Year-Old Jalanea

Solutions: Mimics inPrint

Born with Down syndrome and undergoing treatment for leukemia, Jalanea was diagnosed at 5 years old with Atlanto-axial instability – a dangerous point of weakness between spine and skull. Clinicians at Ochsner Hospital for Children used 3D anatomical modeling, generated by Materialise’s Mimics inPrint software, to help plan and successfully execute a complicated procedure that would ultimately save a brave little girl’s life.

Reconstructing a Painful Clavicle

Solutions: Surgical Guides

A young patient with a painful deformity in his clavicle, which was causing him both cosmetic and functional issues, consulted Dr. Alexander Van Tongel. Dr. Van Tongel worked with Materialise clinical engineers for pre-operative 3D planning and 3D-printed surgical guides for a corrective osteotomy.

Time Saved in the OR by Identifying the Right Components for Knee Revision in advance

Solutions: Materialise OrthoView

Digital pre-operative planning allows the surgeon to easily assess the size of components required, as well as other factors that the duration of the procedure. Having considered a variety of options in advance of the procedure, the surgeon was able to ensure both the equipment and his staff were prepared, thus saving valuable time in the OR.

3D Printing Meets Prehistoric Preservation: Materialise Prints Life-Size Mammoth Skeleton

Solutions: 3-matic, Mammoth Stereolithography, RapidFit+, Stereolithography

When it comes to producing an exact replica of a mammoth, one thing is clear. Size matters. Recreating over 300 bones, some of which are over 2 meters in length (bigger than a fully grown adult!), is no small feat. Coupled with the need to avoid any invasive or potentially damaging work on the original bones, this project presented a unique challenge.

Corrective Osteotomy of the Distal Radius on the Right

Solutions: Surgical Guides

Treating a young patient born in 1993 who had an injury in 2009 with a malunion of the distal radius, Dr. Peter Axelsson from the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden worked together with the Materialise Clinical Engineers for 3D-printed anatomical models, 3D analysis and planning, and 3D-printed patient-specific guides. This case was one of the first cases he did with Materialise.